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Deceitful waters swirl in silence on one of Inazuma's westerly islands like an omen of disaster. Defeat the Hydro Hypostasis hiding in this secret place and quell its foul waves.

The Hydro Hypostasis is a Normal Boss in Genshin Impact and one of the elemental Hypostases.

It can be found in Suigetsu Pool, Watatsumi Island.


A high-level Hydro elemental life form codenamed "He".
Hypostases have strong rejection properties, and will mercilessly expel any that test them. The logic behind their behavior remains a mystery.

In-game description from the Adventurer Handbook


Hydro Hypostasis offers the following Artifact Sets.

Item Traveling Doctor's Silver Lotus.png2-3★ Set Traveling Doctor
Item Instructor's Brooch.png3-4★ Set Instructor
Item Exile's Flower.png3-4★ Set The Exile

Rewards and difficulty increase with Adventure Rank (AR).

Adventure EXP Mora Companionship EXP Character
2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars
0 36 200 3,450 30 Dew of RepudiationVarunada Lazurite Sliver 1–2 2–3
1 37 200 3,450 30 1–2 2–3
2 41 200 3,650 30 Previous Rewards +
Varunada Lazurite Fragment
1–2 2–3
3 50 200 3,850 35 3–4 0–1
4 62 200 4,125 35 Previous Rewards +
Varunada Lazurite Chunk
3–4 0–1
5 72 200 4,450 40 2–3 1–2 0–1
6 83 200 4,725 40 Previous Rewards +
Varunada Lazurite Gemstone
2–3 1–2 0–1
7 91 200 5,200 45 2–3 1–2 0–1
8 93 200 6,000 45 2–3 1–2 1

Artifact drop ranges are primarily sourced from the Genshin Data Gathering team

Abilities and Attacks

  • Bubble Support: Draws in water and then jiggles around in a bubble before exploding into two smaller bubbles towards different directions which transform into slime-like 'Water Droplets' which can be destroyed, the darker blue droplet will head towards the player and explode, dealing Hydro DMG, while the lighter blue droplet will send healing dots towards the boss. You can intercept the healing dots to heal yourself and prevent them from healing the boss. If there is one droplet but not the other, it will only summon the other droplet.
  • Twisting Vortex: Transforms into a twisting serpentine form that spirals around vertically before diving into the ground dealing Hydro DMG, this attack causes bubbles to rise from the ground all around for a while after.
  • Dolphin Dive: Dives into the ground before turning into a pod of Dolphins, which leap towards the player in a curved trajectory, dealing Hydro DMG.
  • Rainstorm Maelstrom: Transforms into a twister while summoning circles of deadly rain from the sky dealing Hydro DMG.
  • Dive Warp: Dives into the ground to re-emerge in the middle of the arena.
  • Rolling Waves: Dives into the ground before transforming into a single large cube while calling rolling waves from the edges of the arena to roll in towards it, before causing a large splash at the end dealing Hydro DMG.
  • Dolphin Show: Creates a summoning circle and spins a ring of water around before covering itself in a bubble and then going vulnerable in the circle. While in this state it will cause dolphins to emerge from the ground all around dealing Hydro DMG.
  • Wave Slam: Transforms into a ray and slaps the ground releasing bursts of water in a line ahead dealing Hydro DMG.
  • Droplet Aid: When HP is low (approx. 5%), dives into the ground to warp to the center of the arena and summon three large 'Water Droplets' which will slowly head towards the boss. If the droplets are not defeated in time, they will touch the boss and heal it. Droplets that are defeated will not reappear the next time the boss uses this ability.


The Hydro Hypostasis is probably the most vulnerable of the four main elements, as elemental reactions with Cryo, Pyro, and Electro will all trigger Frozen, Vaporize, and Electro-charged. At the same time, the Hydro Hypostasis can deal plenty of damage. The best way to destroy the Hydro Hypostasis is to dodge the various attacks, destroy the Hydro Hypostasis Summons (droplets), and prevent the Hydro Hypostasis from reviving at the end.

Cryo works best against its droplets as Frozen can lock them in place, preventing them from supporting the Hydro Hypostasis.

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Mendacious Waves

Deceitful waters swirl in silence on one of Inazuma's westerly islands like an omen of disaster.
Defeat the Hydro Hypostasis hiding in this secret place and quell its foul waves.

Mendacious Waves.png


  • Each of the Hypostases are named after one of the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, with He being named after the fifth.
  • The Hydro Hypostasis is the only Hypostasis that does not use the Clap attack.

Change History

Released in Version 2.1