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Hydro is one of the seven Elements.

Its associated Archon is the God of Justice, whose domain is Fontaine.

Elemental Resonance

Having two Hydro characters in the group results in the Elemental Resonance:

  • Soothing Water: Affected by Pyro for 40% less time. Increases incoming healing by 30%.

Elemental Reactions

Hydro has the following Elemental Reactions:

  • Electro Electro-Charged: Deals Electro DMG over time and interrupts any action. If there are nearby Wet targets, they also get the Electro-Charged elemental reaction. Electro-Charged deals 2 instances of damage.
  • Cryo Frozen: Freezes the target. If the frozen target is hit by a Claymore, a Plunge Attack, or Geo DMG, it will cause Shattered. Shattering a frozen target will deal additional Physical DMG.
  • Pyro Vaporize: Deals ×2 Hydro DMG when a Hydro attack triggers the reaction.
  • Anemo Swirl: Infuses and deals Hydro damage while spreading the effect to nearby enemies.
  • Geo Crystallize: Creates a Hydro crystal that when collected turns into a Hydro shield.

Wet Status

Wet itself does not have any special effects; it is simply considered the application of Hydro. However, being affected by Wet allows Hydro Elemental Reactions to occur.

Any source of Hydro DMG will apply Wet. It will also be applied during rain and upon coming in contact with bodies of water.

Wet Status to Self

The following Talents apply the Wet status to its user and/or the active character. 4 Talents match the category selection:

Character Name Description Type
Barbara Barbara Let the Show Begin♪ Let the Show Begin♪ Summons water droplets resembling musical notes that form a Melody Loop, dealing Hydro DMG to surrounding opponents and applying the Wet status to them.

Melody Loop:

  • On hit, Barbara's Normal Attacks heal your own party members and nearby teammates for a certain amount of HP, which scales with Barbara's Max HP.
  • On hit, Barbara's Charged Attack generates 4 times the amount of healing.
  • Periodically regenerates your own active character's HP.
  • Applies the Wet status to the character and to opponents who come in contact with them.
Elemental Skill
Sangonomiya Kokomi Sangonomiya Kokomi Kurage's Oath Kurage's Oath Summons a "bake-kurage" created from water that can heal her allies.
Using this skill will apply the Wet status to Sangonomiya Kokomi.

Deals Hydro DMG to surrounding opponents and heal nearby active characters at fixed intervals. This healing is based on Kokomi's Max HP.

Elemental Skill
Xingqiu Xingqiu Guhua Sword: Raincutter Guhua Sword: Raincutter Initiate Rainbow Bladework and fight using an illusory sword rain, while creating the maximum number of Rain Swords.

Rainbow Bladework:

  • Your active character's Normal Attacks will trigger consecutive sword rain attacks, dealing Hydro DMG.
  • Rain Swords will remain at the maximum number throughout the ability's duration.
  • These effects carry over to other characters.
Elemental Burst
Xingqiu Xingqiu Guhua Sword: Fatal Rainscreen Guhua Sword: Fatal Rainscreen Xingqiu performs twin strikes with his sword, dealing Hydro DMG. At the same time, this ability creates the maximum number of Rain Swords, which will orbit your active character.

The Rain Swords have the following properties:

  • When a character takes DMG, the Rain Sword will shatter, reducing the amount of DMG taken.
  • Increase the character's resistance to interruption.
  • 20% of Xingqiu's Hydro DMG Bonus will be converted to additional DMG Reduction for the Rain Swords. The maximum amount of additional DMG Reduction that can be gained this way is 24%.
  • The initial maximum number of Rain Swords is 3.
  • Using this ability applies the Wet status onto the character.
Elemental Skill

Hydro Characters

Playable Characters

5 Characters match the category selection:

Icon Name Rarity Element Weapon Sex Nation
Character Barbara Thumb.png Barbara 4 Stars Element Hydro.png Hydro Weapon-class-catalyst-icon.png Catalyst Female Mondstadt
Character Mona Thumb.png Mona 5 Stars Element Hydro.png Hydro Weapon-class-catalyst-icon.png Catalyst Female Mondstadt
Character Sangonomiya Kokomi Thumb.png Sangonomiya Kokomi 5 Stars Element Hydro.png Hydro Weapon-class-catalyst-icon.png Catalyst Female Inazuma
Character Tartaglia Thumb.png Tartaglia 5 Stars Element Hydro.png Hydro Weapon-class-bow-icon.png Bow Male Snezhnaya
Character Xingqiu Thumb.png Xingqiu 4 Stars Element Hydro.png Hydro Weapon-class-sword-icon.png Sword Male Liyue

Upcoming Characters

No Characters match the category selection.

Mentioned Characters

No Characters match the category selection.


Some Enemies are capable of generating a Hydro shield or constructs, providing them with significant offensive or defensive abilities.

The following enemies can create or are spawned with Hydro Constructs:


Some environmental objects or obstacles are considered as Hydro object:

Hydro Damage Bonus

Hydro Resistance


  • Cryo Slimes can be wet, and will swirl the Hydro element on them. This status does not show until Swirled with Anemo and only briefly. Hydro attacks as well as the splashes of nearby Hydro Slime or being trapped in bubbles can cause this status.