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Huai'an is an NPC in Liyue. He can be found at the entrance of Wangshu Inn at Dihua Marsh. He works together with his wife Verr Goldet as the business' innkeeper and boss respectively.

He will move in and out of the inn — inspecting the drawers, talking to his wife at the registry desk, and examining the bonsai plants outside.


Quests and Events

World Quests



Idle Quotes


Huai'an: "Hello! I am Huai'an, innkeeper of the Wangshu Inn. Are you in need of a meal or a room for the night?"
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg How's business been lately?
Huai'an: Thanks to yourself and all our dear guests, business has been going reasonably well. We will get by.
Huai'an: Haha, it's getting livelier again.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What can you tell me about the rumors?
Huai'an: Rumors? What rumors?
Huai'an: If you mean someone's been bad-mouthing the Wangshu Inn, don't believe a word of what you hear.
Huai'an: But if you just wanted to get the lowdown about what's been going on recently...
Huai'an: The Fatui's presence in Liyue Harbor has been growing recently. It looks like trouble is brewing.
Huai'an: Now it's your turn! Any interesting stories to share with me?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Who's this lovely doggie?
Huai'an: This is Richie! We called him that hoping it would bring us good luck.
Huai'an: He's a good boy, aren't you Richie? He doesn't make a mess and he's good with the guests.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Who's that over there? She doesn't look like she's from Liyue.
Huai'an: Ah yes, that would be my wife. She moved from Mondstadt to marry me.
Huai'an: When I was a child we used to sing this nursery rhyme about Liyue women: "Half the girls marry to a winery town, the other half sail to a faraway land."
Huai'an: Oh, how the tables have turned... I feel quite proud to have broken the mold! Hahaha.
Huai'an: Goldet is very sharp. She picks up on all these little details about people and figures out their backgrounds.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Please excuse me.
Huai'an: Alright, goodbye. Stop in for a chat anytime! You're always welcome at the Wangshu Inn.

Event Dialogue

Unreconciled Stars

Huai'an: Greetings! My name is Huai'an, and I am the innkeeper. I would encourage you to stay here for a few days, but it seems that you have pressing matters to attend to...
Huai'an: I fear the recent meteorites are bad omens. You will fare better if you steer well clear of them.
(Dialogue options and responses are the same as normal)


  • Huai'an is a practitioner of martial arts, as are the rest of the staff at the Wangshu Inn.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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