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Hilichurl Structures refer to objects found near Hilichurl camps with a special architectural style.


Hilichurl Training Dummies

Hilichurl Training Dummies[1] are tripod-shaped structures used as training equipment for Hilichurls. They have arms similar to the wooden dummies used in Wing Chun. These are the dummies used by Ellin in her training.

Hilichurl Targets


Hilichurl Targets[2] are posts decorated to resemble a Hilichurl, with a target-design mask and fur.

Hilichurl Multi-Purpose Pots


Hilichurl Multi-Purpose Pots[2] are large, wide pots that typically contain water. In the commissions Pudgy Pyrotechnicians and Icy Issues, they are found containing a Pyro Slime and Cryo Slime respectively.

Hilichurl Roadblocks

Hilichurl Roadblocks[3] are barricades made with log spikes. These roadblocks can be destroyed with Physical Attacks or burned down with Pyro.

Hilichurl Towers

Hilichurl Towers[4] are large wooden structures without a platform that are apparently used by Hilichurls to scout out the surrounding area. These towers can be destroyed, unlike the towers with platforms.

Hilichurl Mantlets

Hilichurl Mantlets (unofficial name) are large, flat, free-standing shields that are held up by two pieces of curved log spikes. They are decorated with five diamond-shaped pieces of metal.

Serenitea Pot

The Serenitea Pot also features Hilichurl style architecture.


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