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The primitive wandering inhabitants of Teyvat's wildernesses.
They look very similar to humanity but seem to have lost both their intellect and spirituality. Their presence on the continent has been recorded for over a thousand years, and yet they have neither history nor civilization.
Since the pitch-black calamity from five hundred years ago, they have begun to spread in large numbers across the land. They are not very strong, and they lack organization, but they nonetheless bring sizable trouble to humans every once in a while.

This is the most basic Hilichurl. It does not have a weapon and attacks with its claws, but will also throw rocks at players if they are too far.


Item Stained Mask.png Lv.40+ Stained Mask
Item Ominous Mask.png Lv.60+ Ominous Mask

Base Resistance

  • Elemental: 10%.
  • Physical: 10%.
  • Other: None.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0