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Higi Village (Japanese: 緋木村 Higi-mura) is a location in Yashiori Island, Inazuma.

A Statue of The Seven is located on the northeastern side of the village. The Viewpoint for Serpent's Head, which is located southeast of Higi Village, can be found within the village.

Points of Interest


There is a Shrine located in the southeastern end of Higi Village, on the cliff overlooking the strait between the village and Serpent's Head. Note that this is a different shrine from the Outsider Shrine where Higi Village's chief, Washizu, can be found.

Shrine: (It looks like an ordinary shrine — there is a distinct lack of any strange elemental traces.)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Investigate
Shrine: (This shrine seems to be in good condition, and appears to have been maintained quite carefully in recent days. The person who did this must be conscientious indeed.)
Shrine: (Otherwise, there are no traces of someone having been here.)
Paimon: How strange... seems like someone's been here before.


Message Boards

Other Interactable Objects

Incomplete Register

The Incomplete Register can only be read after completing Sinister Instruction. It tells the tragic fates of Higi Village's residents, while also documenting Washizu's descent into madness.

(A ragged register, seemingly an account used by the village chief.)
"Higi Village Residential Register:"
"...Torajirou, 13 years old, took ill and died. Shinji, 32 years old, took ill and died. Mitsuyo, 25 years old, took ill and died..."
"...Gin, 12 years old, took ill and died. Takaya, 55 years old, took ill and died. Nagabuchi, 42 years old, took ill and died. Eiri, 43 years old, took ill and died..."
"...The three Enoshita brothers, slain in battle. Kitada, 27 years old, on the run from the Shogunate. Fumiko, 36 years old, took ill and died. Shinko, 18 years old, lost at sea..."
"...Nameless Passerby A, sacrificed. Gongozaemon, 30 years old (?), sacrificed. Yamada, 23 years old, sacrificed..."
"...Senshiro, 4 years old, returned to oneness. Senshiro's Mother, around 25 years old, returned to oneness. Akiharu, 23 years old, summoned..."
"...The possessions of the aforementioned people shall be left here as a lure, all the better to provide living sacrifices for 'his' return..."
"...Chouji's Mother, around 32 years old (?), missing. 'He' is pleased with her, and thus she must be found..."
"...Nameless Outlander, seemingly young. About to take the bait..."

Lost Texts

The Lost Texts are a series of writings related to a recent ill-fated expedition to Yashiori Island by members of the Tenryou Commission. One Lost Text is located west of Higi Village.


  • After the update of Version 2.1, Higi Village uses the same background music with Musoujin Gorge.

Change History

Released in Version 2.0