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Heart of Glaze is the fourth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter I: Act III - A New Star Approaches.


  1. Go to the Golden House
  2. Examine the Exuvia
  3. Duel Childe



Entering the Golden House

Paimon: Wow... This is the Golden House?
Paimon: It looked impressive enough from the outside... But who would've guessed that it was even fancier on the inside... and so full of Mora!!!
Paimon: This is where all of Teyvat's Mora is minted, right? In that case, maybe they won't notice if a few Mora go missing...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Touch a single Mora and we're done for!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png If it were that easy, this place would have been emptied long ago.
Paimon: Ooh, so it's a trap. Tricky, tricky... Good thing Paimon's got you here!
Paimon: But even if we can't take any, we can still have a closer look, right?
Paimon: Or better yet, take a nap on top of a mountain of Mora! It's like a dream come true!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We'd better check on the Exuvia first.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Something feels amiss here.
Paimon: Oh, right! Back to business.
Paimon: It's quiet... Too quiet. Surely someone's gotta be guarding something as important as the Exuvia.
Paimon: Huh!? (Traveler), look! What happened here?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The Millelith...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png They've been knocked unconscious!
Paimon: Uh-oh, Paimon smells trouble!
Paimon: Quick! We have to go make sure that the Exuvia is alright.
(Upon approaching the Exuvia)
???: You've already fulfilled your task as guides, so why do you still linger here? Haven't you already seen enough trouble for today?
Paimon: Huh? Who's there?
Childe: If you were Fatui, I imagine that you would be entitled to a generous reward from the Tsaritsa herself.
Childe: But now, you're nothing but dross — and you're in my way.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How did you find out it was here?
Childe: Hmm, where should I start? Well, I've never been one to beat around the bush, you know. But who could have possibly guessed that the God of Geo would mysteriously perish the very moment I arrived in Liyue, and that the Exuvia would subsequently be hidden away?
Childe: If it weren't for that lovely little Rite of Parting ceremony you put together, it would have taken me a whole lot longer to get the information I needed.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Looks like I was just in time, then.
Childe: Hah! Although I'm deeply grateful to you that I was able to effortlessly find this secret location...
Childe: Don't you think that trying to stop me now would just be wasted effort?
Childe: Stopping the Mora mints, hiding away the Exuvia... Hahaha, the Qixing are really pulling out all the stops this time...
Paimon: So you've been planning to take the Gnosis from inside the Exuvia all along!?
Childe: As one of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, it's my duty to see the will of the Tsaritsa fulfilled.
Childe: She will get that which she desires.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Not if I have anything to say about it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I won't allow you to get near the Exuvia.
Childe: Hah! I'm not asking for your blessing, and there's nothing you can do to stop me anyway.
Childe: The time for discussion and diplomacy has already passed. I mean, if it were up to me, I would have skipped that stage to begin with... but I'm willing to do as the Tsaritsa deems fit.
Childe: Either way — we now come to my favorite part. A simple pleasure, and one that I am oh-so-delighted to be sharing with you...
Childe: The battle.
Paimon: Battle? So you're the type that goes looking for trouble, huh?
Childe: Haha, you could say that.
Childe: When Signora offended the deities outside the Cathedral in Mondstadt, she swiftly left the scene once her mission was accomplished.
Childe: Instead of confronting you directly, she chose to rely on the snow and ice to make her escape. She wouldn't want the Knights to come running towards the sound of battle, now, would she?
Childe: When she faces a worthy opponent, she will prioritize her mission, weigh the outcomes, and consider the consequences of her actions...
Childe: But as for me, the greatest pleasure of being a Harbinger lies in crossing blades with strong opponents.
Paimon: We won't let what happened in Mondstadt ever happen again!
Childe: Oh? So you intend to fight me? Good. I won't kill you, Traveler. I'll just play along — to feel the thrill of battle![Note 1]
Childe: Besides, you could never defeat me. Not even in your wildest dreams. But hey, try to relish the fight anyway. Because if you ask me... without that, what else is there?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I could never defeat you!? You're completely delusional.
Childe: Ahahahaha!
Childe: Fighting talk, I love it! Now, let's see you live up to it.

The battle begins

Childe: This chance is hard to come by, so show me all you've got.
Childe: So very few ever get the chance to square off with a Fatui Harbinger.
Childe: So come now, amuse me... and don't you dare disappoint.
(Upon the start of the second phase)
Childe: Good! No wonder Signora was so wary of you.
Childe: Well, that just means I can go all out! Brace yourselves, this is about to get tough...
Childe: Now, show me what you can do against the might of a Harbinger!

(Upon defeating his second phase, a cinematic begins)
Childe: Not bad. Your swordsmanship is quite impressive.
Childe: But, that's about as far as you'll get.
(While blocking Childe's attack with an Anemo gust, the Traveler uses a Geo attack to catch him off-guard. When the dust settles, however, Childe is nowhere to be found... Only to reveal himself in front of the Exuvia)
Childe: Haha...
Childe: Didn't think you had that card hidden up your sleeve...
Paimon: You were just playing us to get close to the Exuvia!
Childe: Oh, quiet down. Stop acting like some wide-eyed recruit.
Childe: You've seen this world. You of all people should know...
Childe: This should have been expected.
(Childe reaches into the Exuvia)
Childe: Well then, I'll be taking Morax's Gnosis now!
Childe: ...Huh?
(He comes out empty-handed)
Childe: Hahaha... I see. Well, this is most unexpected.
Childe: You... You beat me to it, didn't you?
(Childe undergoes a transformation)
Tartaglia - Childe - The Eleventh of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers
Childe: Not bad!
Childe: But this is going to cost you!
(Childe smashes the floor, Paimon and the Traveler fall through)
Paimon: Aaaah!!!
(Childe follows to the lower floor)

(The battle continues)
Childe: You got to the Gnosis ahead of me, didn't you!?
Childe: Did you simply move faster? Or... did you leak the information regarding the Golden House to me on purpose?
Childe: No matter. Hand the Gnosis over. Now. Don't make me take it from you.
Paimon: W—We didn't take it!

(Upon defeat)
(cinematic begins)
Cutscene's Travel Log summary:
The showdown with Childe begins. After an intense battle, he turns a moment of weakness into a chance to get next to the Exuvia. To his surprise, he finds that the carefully hidden-away Exuvia does not, in fact, contain Morax's Gnosis. Presuming that you beat him to the Gnosis, Childe becomes enraged, activates his Foul Legacy Transformation, and continues to do battle with you...
Childe: *panting*
Paimon: Look! Childe's back to normal again.
Childe: Ugh, well then... time to cool off.
Childe: It seems the burden of the Foul Legacy Transformation was too great for my body. I lacked the opportunity to think this through...
Childe: And now that I consider the matter more carefully, you never had any chance of beating me to the Gnosis.
Childe: You had no connection to the Gnosis, no matter where it had been taken.
Paimon: That's right! We tried to tell you we didn't take it!
Childe: Your show of ability today far surpasses that of Signora's initial assessment of you in Mondstadt. Tell me, how could that be?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (Because I'm collecting the powers of the seven elements...)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (Because I'm gradually restoring my former powers...)
Childe: You already know the answer, don't you? I can see it in your eyes.
Childe: But if that is a secret you wish to keep, I guess I'll just have to curb my curiosity.
Childe: The battle has already left me satisfied.
Childe: Anyone who strives as I do to grow stronger shall be called a friend, even if our friendship can only be shown in battle against one another.
Paimon: Pretty sure that's not the normal way to make friends.
Childe: Unfortunately, I must bring this amiable conversation to an end. My quest still beckons.
Childe: Given the Gnosis wasn't taken by anyone, then we must look once again to the beginning. Perhaps it was never in the Exuvia to begin with.
Childe: In fact, it might be that the Exuvia was just a diversion of sorts.
Paimon: What? So you mean that...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Rex Lapis still lives?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The corpse was fake?
Childe: Yes, it appears so. Interesting to say the least...
Childe: It seems that the guardian deity of the capital of commerce is also well-versed in the little maneuvers beyond the boundaries of contracts.
Childe: As such, we must now look to our backup plan.
Paimon: Backup plan?
Childe: I had hoped it would never come to this, for the weak will be swept away in the process.
Childe: The truth is, the world belongs to those who pursue strength. I seldom willingly involve myself with the weak.
Childe: Unfortunately, we cannot be picky about our methods as Fatui Harbingers. Children must all learn to eat their vegetables sometime.
Paimon: So, what are you planning to do?
Childe: I will awaken the god that lies dormant beneath Guyun Stone Forest.
Paimon: A god!?
Childe: Osial, Overlord of the Vortex, who was defeated by Morax the Geo Archon in the Archon War, and who has remained pinned beneath the waves by the Geo Archon's stone spears ever since.
Childe: If such an ancient god were to be unleashed upon Liyue Harbor, defenseless without the protection of its deity...
Childe: Do you think the cunning Rex Lapis would just stand aloof and watch the ensuing destruction?
Paimon: But... the Archon War ended two thousand years ago! How could an ancient god appear in a world now overseen by The Seven?
(Childe summons a swarm of Sigils of Permission, which circle around him)
Childe: Simple! I've already prepared the means to awaken it.
Paimon: Hey! Those are Sigils of Permission!
Paimon: Oh, Paimon remembers now! The Fatui have been researching them...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I saw your research with my own eyes.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You've been trying to duplicate them.
Childe: Indeed. The one that was given to you was just a by-product of our research.
Childe: With the power of so many Sigils of Permission concentrated in one place, along with that which was bestowed upon me as a Harbinger by our Tsaritsa... Breaking the subduing might of the Geo Archon's spears for a time should be no obstacle.
Childe: Using the powers of ancient gods in such a situation fails to interest me and is largely against my principles.
Childe: But knowing that such an action will not only force the Geo Archon to show its hand, but you as well... That makes matters a little more intriguing.

(A cinematic begins)
(A storm begins and Osial is released)
Childe: Hahahahaha! Let's see — will the nation that has lost its deity be swallowed up by an ancient malice once more?
Childe: If you wish to drown together with the people of Liyue
Childe: You're free to stay and enjoy the show!
(Childe flies out, Paimon and the Traveler follow)
Paimon: Huh? He—He's already gone!
Paimon: That guy is fast...
Paimon: Wha—What's going on!?
(The Jade Chamber flies by, towards the storm)
(Continue to Turning Point)


  • Childe's line about how Morax is "well-versed in the little maneuvers beyond the boundaries of contracts" is a call-back to Zhongli's line in Moonfinger, where he says "I for one have no issue with little maneuvers outside their remit" while talking about the Qixing and the Fatui's aims in assisting with the Rite of Parting.

Translation Notes

  1. In Chinese, after saying "I won't kill you, Traveler," he says "I just want to feel the thrill of battle — so why don't you play with me?"

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishHeart of Glaze
Detached Heart
SpanishChoque de interesesConflict of Interests
FrenchCœur de glaçureHeart of Glaze
RussianСтеклянное сердце
Steklyannoye serdtse
Heart of Glass
Hidden Heart
VietnameseLi Tâm
GermanHerz aus ZuckerHeart of Sugar
IndonesianTerbelahSplit[• 1]
PortugueseCoração de VidroHeart of Glass
  1. Indonesian: "Split" is used as a past participle.

Change History

Released in Version 1.1
Unknown Version (Before Version 2.0)
  • A few lines of dialogue were revised.
    • Old:
      • Childe: I had hoped it would never come to this. I absolutely detest working with those who are weaker than I.
        Childe: The truth is, the world belongs to those of us who desire to become strong. I seldom willingly mingle with any dull and boring weaklings who think otherwise.
    • New:
      • Childe: I had hoped it would never come to this, for the weak will be swept away in the process.
        Childe: The truth is, the world belongs to those who pursue strength. I seldom willingly involve myself with the weak.

Version 1.1

  • Heart of Glaze was released.