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Having lost its territory and with no access to tranquil waters, the Oceanid writhes in endless grief, longing for all living things to hear the song of the waves and to at last taste the bitterness of its tears.

The Hateful Oceanid, known as "Urania," is a special event boss appearing in the event Legend of the Vagabond Sword.

It appears in the following challenges:

Gameplay wise, it is functionally identical to the Wishful Drops event's Rhodeia's Rage.


Physical Pyro Hydro Electro Cryo Anemo Geo
10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10%
Level Scaling
1 1,021 152 505
5 2,297 255 525
10 4,012 407 550
15 7,148 643 575
20 12,393 1,004 600
25 16,032 1,371 625
30 20,619 1,639 650
35 29,240 1,974 675
40 37,728 2,450 700
45 50,304 3,049 725
50 69,951 3,779 750
55 86,057 4,477 775
60 117,338 5,322 800
65 139,760 6,284 825
70 182,728 7,346 850
75 208,892 8,376 875
80 259,920 9,452 900
85 285,941 10,279 925
90 340,957 11,419 950
95 388,484 13,099 975
100 514,712 14,773 1,000

Note that HP and ATK values may change in Co-Op, some Quests, and certain Domains. The change usually involves multiplying some of the values by a constant scale factor.

Returning Abilities and Attacks

  • Fin Slash: Urania slashes at the player with her fins in either a vertical or horizontal motion. Can be dashed through using I-frames.
  • Flowing Springs: Urania slams her tail down on the ground, sometimes generating 3-9 Hydro pillars in front of her. Can be dashed through using I-frames.
  • Wild Torrent: Urania lowers herself to the surface and rushes towards the player. Can use this attack three times in a row. Can be dashed through using I-frames.
  • Surging Torrents: Urania creates 3-5 whirlpools on random spots on the arena that act as obstacles, limiting the player's movements and dealing Hydro DMG over time.
  • Hydro Missiles: Urania fires 2-4 missiles that home in on the player similar to a Ruin Guard's missiles. Can be avoided by keeping distance from Urania, or can be destroyed by bow users.
  • Wave Spray: Urania creates 1-3 orbs of water that chase after the player before exploding in a short time, dealing AoE Hydro DMG. Can be avoided by simply keeping away from the bombs, or can be destroyed by a bow user. The AoE is shorter than the Water Bombs in the normal Oceanid fight.
  • Hydro Mimics: After taking damage (~75% health left), Urania retreats from the battlefield and summons Hydro Mimics to attack the player. Unlike the normal Oceanid fight, Urania will only summon Boars, Ferrets, and Crabs. Defeating the Boars and Ferrets will decrease Urania's HP.
    • Boars will charge at the player (can change direction unlike normal) and fire blasts of Hydro.
    • Ferrets will lash out at the player with their tails, fire blades of Hydro from their tails, and perform a divebomb attack in which it launches itself upwards and then pounces forward.
    • Raptors will divebomb at the player. Urania will only spawn these when a Flair is activated.
    • Crabs will strafe around the player, spitting bubbles that deal Hydro DMG over time. One crab appears for each Fitful Rapid activated by a player.
  • Surge of Vengeance: Urania will move to the center of the arena and conjure a large ball of Hydro that she will throw to the ground, dealing massive Hydro DMG throughout the arena. Can be avoided using the Fitful Rapids.
  • River-Carving Rapids: Urania targets the player with a lock-on before firing a massive stream of water from her eye. Can be avoided using the Fitful Rapids or can be withstood using Shields.

Battle Dialogue

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishHateful Oceanid
Jiēhèn de Chúnshuǐ Jīnglíng
Hateful Oceanid
Jiēhèn de Chúnshuǐ Jīnglíng
Nageki no Junsui Seirei
Sorrowful Oceanid
Korean한 맺힌 물의 정령
Han Maethin Mul-ui Jeongryeong
Water Spirit Which has Deep Grudge
SpanishOceánida resentida
FrenchOcéanide acariâtreBad-Tempered Oceanid
RussianЗлобный океанид
Zlobnyy okeanid
Hateful Oceanid
ThaiHateful Oceanid
VietnameseTinh Linh Nước Trong Than ThởWater Spirit in Lament
GermanHasserfüllte OkeanideHateful Oceanid
IndonesianHateful Oceanid
PortugueseOceanid Detestável

Change History

Released in Version 1.6