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Hanfeng's Ironmongers is a weapon shop that can be found in the Liyue Harbor. It is run by the blacksmith Master Zhang.


A blacksmith that has been around in Liyue for hundreds of years. With its reputation and excellent craftsmanship, it has become a favorite amongst the people of Liyue. Given the right materials, it never falls short of customers' expectations. Just like the saying "May the flames spread to all, and never be extinguished," the fire in the forge, as well as the passion for forging, never die out.

World Map description


The Hanfeng's Ironmongers shop menu can be accessed by speaking to Master Zhang. He has identical stock as Wagner and Hajime.

Item Item Mora.png Stock Total
Silver Sword Silver Sword 600 1 600 Daily
Old Merc's Pal Old Merc's Pal 600 1 600 Daily
Iron Point Iron Point 600 1 600 Daily
Pocket Grimoire Pocket Grimoire 600 1 600 Daily
Seasoned Hunter's Bow Seasoned Hunter's Bow 600 1 600 Daily
Total cost for all items

Change History

Released in Version 1.0