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The proud, lonely stone mountains here are said to have been the place where Rex Lapis subdued a great sea monster. They say that those sensitive of heart can sometimes hear a strange, stirring rhythm emanating from deep within that oceanic abyss.

A Drop in the Ocean
The people of Liyue would say the Guyun Stone Forest is more of a vista to behold than a place to physically visit. However, visitors from afar heed no such warnings.
Legend has it that the Guyun Stone Forest served as a forest of tombstones for the old gods. Unique materials and resources can be collected here.

Expedition description

Guyun Stone Forest (Chinese: 孤云阁 Gūyún-gé, "Lone Cloud Pavilion") is a subarea in the Sea of Clouds, Liyue. It is an archipelago of seven large islands and smaller offshoots. The northernmost island houses the Geo Hypostasis, and the island to the southwest holds the Domain of Guyun.

According to legend, this is where Rex Lapis defeated a god and sea monster known as Osial, and the jagged cliffs protruding from the islands at Guyun are in fact the remnants of the stone lances he used in that battle. It seems that those who spend the night at Guyun Stone Forest may experience Osial's memories of its defeat;[1] whether this is caused by Osial's power or another phenomenon is unknown.



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Local Specialties


Ruins Treasure

This map shows the location of a Ruins Treasure in Guyun Stone Forest.

Location of the first Ruins Treasure

On one of the southern islands is a Ruins Treasure. From a distance, you can see a pillar of light above it. This ruins treasure is related to the one in Mt. Aocang, and tells the story of a disciple determined to vanquish all the monsters in the world.

First Ruins Treasure

My fellow disciple and I trained in the martial arts from childhood. Our quest was to fight the forces of evil and protect all that is sacred in this world. But this was no easy task without the aid of a Vision.
We two sought refuge here to train ourselves further and to seek the Visions that we desired. We erected this monument in testament to our endeavors.

Icon Dialogue Talk.png Touch the monument.
  • Reach the target location within 120 second(s).
  • The path will take you up the mountain and gliding through air rings to reach the next ruins treasure. The reward is a Common chest.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Leave for Now.

Second Ruins Treasure

But now that my fellow disciple has obtained his Vision, instead of battling against monsters, he asked me, "Are monsters truly evil by nature?" So I replied to him, "They wreak havoc all across the world, and innocent people are the ones who must suffer the consequences. Is that so insufficiently evil that you should stay your blade?" I do believe an excess of meditation has fried his brain!
Well, I still intend to take on these monsters — even if it means doing so without him, and even if it means doing without a Vision.

Icon Dialogue Talk.png Touch the monument.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Leave for Now.

Third Ruins Treasure

Monsters are the bane of all that is worth living for in this world. Those of us who are skilled with the blade are duty-bound to hunt them out of existence.
Monsters are evil! They deserve nothing more than the merciless slaughter they will get!

Icon Dialogue Talk.png Touch the monument.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Leave for Now.
  • Each Ruins Treasure disappears after the respective challenge is completed.

Points of Interest

Name Description Image
Alcor The flagship of The Crux. While it is normally helmed by Captain Beidou, she has returned to Liyue Harbor for business and left the ship to her men. Alcor.png



  • Some English character voice-over lines say "Guyun Tower," which is a more direct translation of its Chinese name, instead of "Guyun Stone Forest" as written in-game and on the voice-overs' official transcriptions.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Guyun Stone Forest
Lone Cloud Pavilion
Japanese 孤雲閣
Lone Cloud Pavilion[• 1]
Korean 고운각
Lone Cloud Pavilion[• 2]
Spanish Bosque de Piedra GuyunGuyun Stone Forest
French Forêt de pierre de GuyunGuyun Stone Forest
Russian Каменный лес Гуюнь
Kamennyy les Guyun'
Guyun Stone Forest
Thai Guyun Stone Forest
Vietnamese Cô Vân CácLone Cloud Pavilion[• 3]
German Guyun-TürmeGuyun Towers
Indonesian Guyun Stone Forest
Portuguese Floresta de Pedra GuyunGuyun Stone Forest
  1. JA: Sino-Japanese reading of Chinese name
  2. KO: Sino-Korean reading of Chinese name
  3. VI: Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese name

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 1.6
  • One of the puzzles located around where The Crux Clash was held was moved (from the center of the circular stadium to the outer ring).

Version 1.0

  • Guyun Stone Forest was released.


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  2. Archon Quest, Chapter I, Act III: Equilibrium (Japanese Voice-Over)