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For Mondstadt, as always.

Gunnhildr Clan's motto

The Gunnhildr Clan, also written as Gunnhildr clan or House Gunnhildr,[1] is one of the prominent families in Mondstadt, alongside the Ragnvindr Clan, the Imunlaukr Clan and formerly, the Lawrence Clan.


During Decarabian's Rule

The Gunnhildr Clan was formed long before its namesake, Gunnhildr. However, little is known about their history prior to her rise as clan leader; all that is known is that they took refuge from Andrius' blizzards inside Decarabian's city, but left after growing disillusioned with the archon's rule.[2]

The Gunnhildr clan had difficulty surviving in the blizzards outside the city, and they cried out for help, which a wind spirit heard. Gaining power from the clan's faith, the wind spirit was able to give them a small shelter. When her father died, Gunnhildr took the role as leader of the clan and became the first priestess, protecting the clan with the power bestowed on her by the wind spirit. When Barbatos challenged Decarabian, Gunnhildr led her clan to fight alongside, and when he succeeded she decorated the new Anemo Archon with laurels.[2]

Early Aristocratic Period

The oath that the ancient Mondstadt inhabitants took when Barbatos reformed the land and founded new Mondstadt features the Gunnhildr clan's saying, and was either created by Gunnhildr or at the very least that clan remembered the oath better than the other clans. Swordsmanship becoming mandatory for nobles likely originated from the Gunnhildr clan's culture of always being ready to protect Mondstadt.[3]

During the time that the people of Mondstadt worshipped the gods of Anemo and Time together, the Gunnhildr clan would enact the defense of Mondstadt with prop weapons.[4]

Late Aristocratic Period

The Gunnhildr clan remained a prominent clan throughout the Aristocracy, but they stayed true to their oath to protect Mondstadt and did what they could to help the people. During Vennessa's rebellion the Gunnhildr clan sided with the people and were spared from exile unlike the rest of the Aristocracy.[2]


The Gunnhildr clan continues to keep their oath to protect Mondstadt, with many knights and clergy members coming from that clan.[2]

Known Members

2600 years ago

  • Gunnhildr's father


Present Day