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The Guizhong Ballista is an ancient crossbow-type weapon constructed by the late God of Dust, Guizhong[1] and the adepti, Cloud Retainer among them,[2] to protect Liyue against dangerous foes.[3] It can function autonomously, firing at any perceived threats nearby, even Treasure Hoarders who try to get close to the ruins.


Guizhong Ballista Maintenance Notice

The maintenance notice is located outside the supply post.

Guizhong Ballista Maintenance Notice: "The Guizhong Ballista is an intricate machine of divine conception, and it could only come to fruition by the hands of mortal craftsmen through a tremendous degree of toil. Likewise, only through painstaking maintenance can it remain a truly mighty weapon. After centuries of peace in the land, should that ancient evil rear its ugly head and plunge the world into war once more, these spare parts shall be needed, and a craftsman of suitable caliber and character must be summoned to collect them."
Guizhong Ballista Maintenance Notice: "A note to the collector: The structural parts, namely the beams and bow limbs, will all be found folded and stacked in the storage room. Robust and treated with lacquer, one may rest assured that they will remain completely intact for a millennium. As for the finely crafted parts, such as the trigger, fasteners, fletchings, bowstring, and so on and so forth, these will be found in a dedicated container. Please take that which you need."
Guizhong Ballista Maintenance Notice: "This machine is integral to the defense of this land against its most formidable foes. Cherish each part as if it belonged to your own body, and perform your solemn repair duties with the utmost devotion. Cursed be any who would disgrace the history of this great machine by taking shortcuts in their work!"


In exchange for Everlasting Incense, the Traveler, Paimon, and Zhongli agree to hunt down a "legendary adeptibeast" known as the Cocogoat for Qiqi. Hoping to use the Guizhong Ballista's power to seek out such a creature, they arrive only to find it broken and in disrepair. After gathering the Guizhong Ballista Maintenance Materials, Zhongli repairs the mechanism. While using it, however, a search for the Cocogoat not only fails to find any such beast, but also raises the ire of the Treasure Hoarders led by Freckle Huang, who broke the Ballista in order to get to the treasure hidden in the ruins. After defeating the Treasure Hoarders, they leave the Ballista empty-handed.

While seeking a way to reach the Jade Chamber, the Traveler and Paimon return to the Ballista. After discovering that the Ballista had been mysteriously repaired in a single day, the Liyue Qixing stationed the Millelith around it while this incident is being investigated. Paimon gets into an argument with the Millelith there, forcing the Traveler to fight them off until Keqing arrives and puts a stop to the confrontation.

After Tartaglia unleashes the ancient god Osial to threaten Liyue Harbor and draw out Morax, Ningguang summons replica Ballistae at the Jade Chamber to fight against it, with modifications from Cloud Retainer. During the battle, however, the replica Ballistae come under attack by the Fatui before being ultimately destroyed by Osial.[2]

The Liyue Qixing soon created more enhanced versions of the ballistae for use against Beisht after Ningguang was alerted to its presence by Beidou. These ballistae dealt significant damage to Beisht and after she fled, they were presumably dismantled and packed.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Guizhong Ballista
Guizhong Machine
Japanese 帰終機
Guizhong Machine
Korean 귀종기
Guizhong Machine
Spanish Balista GuizhongGuizhong Ballista
French Baliste de GuizhongBallista of Guizhong
Russian Баллиста Гуй Чжун
Ballista Guy Chzhun
Guizhong Ballista
Thai Guizhong Ballista
Vietnamese Máy GuizhongGuizhong Machine
German Guizhong-GeschützGuizhong Artillery
Indonesian Guizhong Ballista
Portuguese Balista GuizhongGuizhong Ballista

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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