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Guizhong is the sixth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter I: Act II - Farewell, Archaic Lord.


  1. Go to Bubu Pharmacy
  2. Find the source of the mystery voice
  3. Look for the Guizhong Ballista
  4. Inspect the Ballista
  5. Retrieve spare parts from the military supply post
    • You can glide into the window to access the post at the marked location. Inside are multiple Common Chests, and the spare parts are in these chests.
  6. Repair the Guizhong Ballista
  7. Defeat the Treasure Hoarders
  8. Find Qiqi back at the Bubu Pharmacy
  9. Put the Everlasting Incense in place



Bubu Pharmacy

(Enter Bubu Pharmacy)
Paimon: Huh, the reception is deserted. And it seems kinda spooky in here...
Paimon: Hello? Is anybody there?
???: Welcome to Bubu Pharmacy.
Paimon: ...
Paimon: D-did you hear that? Wh-Where did it come from?
Zhongli: The reception, it seems.
Paimon: (Traveler), how about... you go check it out, and... Paimon will bring up the rear.

(After approaching the reception desk)
Paimon: Oh, there you are! But you can't even reach the counter!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Is she... a zombie!?
Paimon: Ah... Paimon thinks you might be right! Look at the talisman on her forehead!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Paimon, if we're going to talk about height, you ahh...
Paimon: Joke's on you — Paimon floats, so height is no restriction.
Paimon: Anyway, there's something weird about this one over here. What's that talisman doing on her forehead?
Paimon: It can't be... she's... a zombie!?
Qiqi: Welcome to Bubu Pharmacy. I am Qiqi.
Qiqi: Once upon a time, Qiqi died. Then, Qiqi was saved by the adepti. Now, Qiqi is a zombie.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Such nonchalant delivery for a bombshell revelation...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do zombies also count as adepti...?
Paimon: Something like this would be unimaginable in Mondstadt...
Zhongli: Hello... little girl. Do you sell Everlasting Incense here?
Qiqi: Excuse me, sir. Did you bring your prescription?
Zhongli: I... Surely no prescription is needed to purchase Everlasting Incense? It's not a controlled substance...
Qiqi: Qiqi can get your medicine. But only if you show Qiqi your prescription. These are Qiqi's orders, from Qiqi.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png "Orders"?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Why is she being so difficult?
Zhongli: I'm afraid that she's probably right — it's to do with her orders.
Zhongli: Zombies are limited to acting within the confines of their orders. And somehow, in this case, the zombie issues her own orders to herself.
Zhongli: My dear Qiqi, we didn't bring a prescription, I'm afraid. But we do hope that you can still help us find some Everlasting Incense.
Qiqi: Okay then.
Paimon: How did you manage that?
Qiqi: But, Qiqi helps you, you help Qiqi. Only fair.
Paimon: Since when do customers need to do favors for customer service staff?
Zhongli: Never mind, just think of it as a peer-to-peer transaction. That way everybody wins. Sometimes, in Liyue, the art of the deal is simply about victory via mental gymnastics.
Qiqi: Go to Mt. Tianheng. Find the Guizhong Ballista. And hunt a Cocogoat. Please and thank you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Hunt the what with the which at where?
Zhongli: Guizhong Ballista... I have heard of this device before.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png She's playing games with us...
Zhongli: I don't believe so. The Guizhong Ballista, at least, I have heard of before.
Zhongli: It is a kind of crossbow turret, installed on Mt. Tianheng by an adeptus[Note 1] in the distant past. An early mechanical device.
Zhongli: Located in Tianheng Pass, it was designed to automatically fire at large monsters, protecting Liyue from external threats.
Paimon: Mr. Zhongli really knows Liyue inside out!
Zhongli: Apparently, not quite... This is the first I have ever heard of the "Cocogoat."
Qiqi: The Cocogoat is a legendary animal. An adeptibeast.
Paimon: Did you wanna add anything else, or...
Qiqi: No. Just that the Cocogoat is a legendary animal. An adeptibeast.
Qiqi: What it looks like: don't know. Where to find it: don't know either. Where it came from: also don't know.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do tell us if you remember anything else you don't remember...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png This isn't much to go on...
Zhongli: Very well then... Let's start by investigating near the Guizhong Ballista. Perhaps we will find some clues.
Paimon: What the heck is a Cocogoat...
(Talk to Qiqi again)
Qiqi: Cocogoat. Go find it.

The Ballista

(Upon checking the ballista)
Paimon: It's huge! Paimon can totally believe it took an adeptus to build this.
Paimon: But... how do you operate this thing? Just think how much strength you would need...
Zhongli: Hmm... It is currently inoperable, in any case. This device is broken.
Paimon: Aw, what? It broke!?
Zhongli: After millennia of wear and tear, even adepti contraptions are difficult to maintain.
Paimon: So what're we gonna do? Quick, Mr. Zhongli, use your unlimited high-society knowledge powers!
Zhongli: Hmm. You almost make it sound like I'm some sort of... bourgeois parasite, whose only utility lies in providing quaint pieces of trivia on demand.
Zhongli: That said, let me think for a moment... Ah yes. Spare parts were made for the Guizhong Ballista when it was first built, in case it was damaged in battle.
Zhongli: As I recall, there is a military supply post from that period somewhere inside the Pass.
Zhongli: If we can retrieve the spare parts from where they are stored, we may be able to repair the Guizhong Ballista. One just needs to understand the basic working principles of the device.
Paimon: So... what you're saying is that you actually understand the working principles?
Zhongli: I have a smattering of knowledge on the topic.
Zhongli: With the parts in hand, I could at least tinker with it.

(While looking for the supply post)
Paimon: Where is that supply post? Here, posty posty posty...
(After finding Guizhong Ballista Maintenance Material ×2 and returning)
Zhongli: These parts look useful.
Zhongli: One moment, I will try to repair the device...
Zhongli: It is done. The Guizhong Ballista is more intricately designed than I thought.
Paimon: Woo! Now how do we turn it on?
Zhongli: It's easy enough. We simply need to do this... Look, it even has a scope.
(The scope pans towards different locations.)
Paimon: Over here we have... nothing. And over there... More nothing.
(The scope pans towards a group of three Treasure Hoarders standing nearby.)
Freckle Huang: Hey! Just what do you think you're doing!?
Freckle Huang: So you fixed up this turret... because you're planning to do what, exactly!?
Zhongli: Not a turret. A Guizhong Ballista. Also, kindly state your name before you ask a question, it's just good manners.
Freckle Huang: Ha! Are you blind or something? You're looking at the leader of the Treasure Hoarders, old man!
Freckle Huang: This area's supposed to be chock-full of hidden treasures, but you can't get anywhere near them with this thing keeping watch. It might look like any other mechanical device, but trust me, it's got a mind of its own!
Freckle Huang: Last time we approached the mountain, it nearly skewered one of our guys!
Freckle Huang: A few of us risked our lives to disarm it — which, amazingly, we managed — and then we turn our backs for two seconds and you've ALREADY GONE AND REPAIRED IT!?
Freckle Huang: The next thing you'll be repairing is your faces, and that's if you get out of this alive!
Zhongli: Tut-tut. Vandalizing the legacy of an adeptus for selfish gain. Disgraceful behavior.
Zhongli: It is not we who need reprimanding, but you.

(After defeating all the Treasure Hoarders)
Paimon: These lowlifes didn't know who they were messing with!
Zhongli: Troubling ourselves over this rabble is not worth the time. We should focus on our contract with Qiqi.
Paimon: Oh yeah... that. So we've got the Guizhong Ballista working, but where's our Cocogoat?
Zhongli: A search using the Guizhong Ballista revealed no significant life forms nearby, save for the usual wildlife.
Zhongli: What's more, a contraption built using adeptus technology should have no trouble detecting an "adeptibeast" as Qiqi put it.
Paimon: Sigh... Which means...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Repairing this was a complete waste of time?
Paimon: Paimon wouldn't go that far. We did something positive, right?
Zhongli: We won't solve anything while standing here and racking our brains. Let's return to Bubu Pharmacy, explain that we could not find a Cocogoat, and review our next step.
Paimon: Good idea. We did our best, and that's what counts.

Return to Bubu Pharmacy

Zhongli: Forgive us, we were unable to fulfill our end of the contract. We found no trace of the Cocogoat adeptibeast of which you speak.
Qiqi: Ah. What a disappointment. Don't worry about it. But I feel very disappointed.
Paimon: Aw, poor Qiqi... Why does Paimon feel so guilty all of a sudden?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Qiqi, do you have any other clues?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What do you need this Cocogoat for?
Qiqi: Cocogoat milk is tasty. So tasty. Much better than normal goat milk. Only an adeptibeast could make such tasty milk.
Qiqi: I'm sorry. I have a... poor memory. I cannot remember the name of the milk. That's why I wrote it down. Where did I put it...
Qiqi: Ah. Here. This is the name. "Coconut milk."
Crowd: Ehh!?
Zhongli: ...
Zhongli: I... owe you both an apology. I hastily agreed to what appeared to be an equitable agreement with this zombie child, when perhaps I should have undertaken further due diligence.
Paimon: Never mind Zhongli, you didn't know. As the Liyue proverb goes, "All things are random, and... so how are you supposed to predict anything?" Literally no one could have seen this coming...
Qiqi: Excuse me, everyone. Did Qiqi say a bad thing?
Paimon: Ooh... Sorry, (Traveler), but Paimon's gonna leave the job of shattering this poor kiddo's world to you...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It all begins with the fruit of the coconut tree...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's time to tell you where coconut milk comes from...
Qiqi: No... Im-Impossible...
Paimon: Seems Qiqi took this pretty hard.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png She just needs time to work through it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png They all need to grow up sometime.
Baizhu: Haha, someone learnt a valuable life lesson today, then? Thank you all for looking after my little Qiqi.
Zhongli: Might I ask, who...
Baizhu: Ah, how rude of me. I'm Baizhu, boss of the Bubu Pharmacy.
Paimon: Paimon thought Qiqi was the boss... turns out it's some wacko who wears medicinal ingredients around his neck!
White Snake: What a sorry state of affairs... This little mascot is even more of a simpleton than Qiqi...
Paimon: Ah! The medicine— the snake is s-speaking!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Wow, a talking snake!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Nothing in Liyue surprises me anymore.
White Snake: Hmph! I prefer to stay silent. But faced with strangers, I must speak, lest you mistake me for an escapee from the medicine cabinet, for I am a living, breathing serpent!
Baizhu: Hahaha, don't mind Changsheng, she's a good girl, really. As for you three... Communal chaos-causing with Qiqi aside, what business brings you here?
Zhongli: Do you sell Everlasting Incense in this fine establishment?
Baizhu: Everlasting Incense? Why, of course we do!
Paimon: Phew, at last! Things are finally starting to come together—
Baizhu: Three million Mora, top quality, guaranteed.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Three million?!
Paimon: You might as well just rob the Golden House! Oh, but the Qixing have taken it over for now... Security will be tighter than usual.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You might as well just rob the Golden House!
Paimon: Too bad the Qixing have taken it over for now... Security will be tighter than usual.
Zhongli: Hmm... Three million... An innocuous number in and of itself, though practically speaking, it could be a hard sum to come by.
Paimon: It's a crazy number! We'd never be able to make that much Mora, and as for Mr. Zhongli... he's around three million short.
Zhongli: This is correct.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png No shame...
Paimon: What are we gonna do? Is this the part where we go crawling back to Childe?
Twenty minutes later...
Childe: Bwahahahahahahahaha!
Childe: Cocogoat! Cocogo— Ahahaow my sides hurt... Oh my goodness, I cannot BELIEVE you fell for that!
Paimon: Hey! Less laughter, more sympathy!
Childe: I'm almost in tears over here... Ah, thank you, that was the best laugh I've had in a long time. In return, I'm more than happy to sort out this mess you've managed to get yourselves into...
Childe: Excuse me, sir... Dr. Baizhu, isn't it? Truly honored. I'm Childe, one of the Fatui harbingers. Forgive my audacity, but I see a great many opportunities for us to collaborate in the future...
Childe: If Bubu Pharmacy needed a stable supply of, say, coconut milk, the Fatui could help by setting up a robust and speedy distribution network.
Changsheng: Strange... I knew the Fatui infiltrated businesses with seductive deals, but... So much fuss over coconut milk?
Qiqi: Coconut milk. Baizhu. Quick. Qiqi wants coconut milk.
Baizhu: Ah... Yes, of course, Qiqi, anything you want... Th-Thank you, Childe. I look forward to a successful collaboration in the future. I can give you a discount on that Everlasting Incense too, let's say... 2,990,000 Mora.
Paimon: That's like, zero difference from three million!
Zhongli: Hmm... 2,990,000... Also an innocuous number in and of itself, though practically speaking it is a whole ten thousand less than the original sum of three million.
Zhongli: Well, now that this is settled, we must head back to Yujing Terrace. Mr. Childe, Dr. Baizhu, Little Miss Qiqi, see you soon.

(Outside the pharmacy, while Paimon and Traveler are still speaking to Baizhu and Qiqi)
Childe: That lot is an absolute riot. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.
Childe: So. You've been eavesdropping, I hope. What have I missed?
Ekaterina: Yes, Master Childe. They spoke of the Qixing taking the Golden House...
Childe: Well, well, well. Ningguang and her Qixing cronies. What else would they be hiding in the Golden House... if not the Exuvia?
Childe: I apologize, (Traveler). But I warned you, didn't I? As the old Liyue saying goes: "The walls have ears."

(Talk to Qiqi)
Qiqi: This is good. There will be coconut milk from now on. Yes, it's good.
(Talk to Baizhu)
Baizhu: What an odd exchange we've had. Well, I look forward to your patronage in the future as well. Hahaha.
Changsheng: That sound is the laughter of a man who's found new people to fleece. Consider yourselves warned...

Yujing Terrace

Zhongli: Well, as it stands, we've hired helpers, and we've acquired the Everlasting Incense. The completion of our preparations is not far off.
Paimon: Whew... Finally!
Zhongli: Well, Traveler. Have you gained anything from our adventure so far?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's been... odd.
Zhongli: Odd?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm not sure if we've been living the high life...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Or experiencing the struggles of the poor?
Zhongli: Haha, which is it, I wonder?
Zhongli: The questions that such travels raise are ever so complicated. Well, I'll leave you to ruminate over it yourself. As to remuneration for your help, I've decided...
Zhongli: treat you to a meal.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Zhongli... treating?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Wow. Amazing.
Zhongli: Oh? Ah, yes, don't worry. I will remember to bring the Mora this time.
Zhongli: Tonight, I shall take you both to an old hole-in-the-wall, praised throughout Liyue.
Paimon: Hole-in-the-wall? As in... a cool restaurant?
Zhongli: Indeed. let us meet near the harbor at "Third-Round Knockout."

Rites Observations

(Observe the perfume)
Observe the perfume: (A specially prepared perfume, made from a rare type of Silk Flower. It has a faint scent.)
Observe the perfume: (I'm still curious why Rex Lapis would go for the scent preferred by older women...)
(Observe the bell)
Observe the bell: (A vital implement used in the Rite of Parting. The cleansing sound of the bell rids the deity of all impurities from the mortal world as it bids them farewell... Or something like that?)
Observe the bell: (I can't believe someone would store such a precious object in a teapot filled with cobwebs.)
(Observe the Noctilucous Jade)
Observe the Noctilucous Jade: (Only Noctilucous Jade of radiant grade at the very least is acceptable for use in the Rite of Parting.)
Observe the Noctilucous Jade: (Who'd have thought the hilichurls' cooking pot in Dadaupa Gorge would be a reliable means of assessing the quality...)
(Observe the censer)
Observe the censer: (Everlasting Incense... The lengths we went to to get our hands on that.)
Observe the censer: (I guess they'll burn it during the Rite of Parting...?)
Observe the censer: (It should be a spectacular sight... two million, nine-hundred-and-ninety thousand Mora's worth of incense, going up in smoke.)
(Observe the kites)
Observe the kites: (The seven kites used in the ceremony, which represent The Seven.)
Observe the kites: (How long before I find the one who took my (sister/brother)?)


  1. The Chinese term for "adeptus/adepti", 仙人 Xiānrén, does not specify singular or plural. The use of "an adeptus" may be a misinterpretation on the part of the English translator, which lends to confusion as Guizhong and Cloud Retainer are each referred to as the creator of the Ballista, albeit in different sources.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
RussianГуй Чжун
Guy Chzhun

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