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Once, this was a thriving city where a certain flower bloomed in abundance. But all dreams must turn to waking. This earthly paradise was consumed by war, and those who gathered here were once again scattered.

Ruins of Guili

The Guili Plains (Chinese: 归离原 Guīlí-yuán) is an area in central Liyue. It was the central area of the Guili Assembly, the ancient civilization ruled by Guizhong, the God of Dust, and Morax, the God of Geo.

The location's name is derived from their names,[Note 1] and it is also called the Plains of Returning and Departing based on the characters taken from their names.

Unfortunately, during the Archon War, Guizhong died trying to defend her people, and the place was destroyed. After her death, Rex Lapis took his people and brought them south of Mt. Tianheng, where he established Liyue Harbor.


This plain near Liyue Harbor used to be the location of a prosperous village.
After many misfortunes, it has been deserted, leaving nothing worthy of interest.

Expedition description

Notable Features



Listed quantity is an approximate number for harvestable items in this area.

Item Specialty Quantity Notes
Apple Apple 5
Cuihua Wood Cuihua Wood
Berry Berry
Bird Egg Bird Egg 7
Fish Fish 3
Flaming Flower Stamen Flaming Flower Stamen 11
Frog Frog 1
Horsetail Horsetail 3
Lotus Head Lotus Head 7
Matsutake Matsutake 3
Mint Mint 5
Mist Flower Corolla Mist Flower Corolla 8
Mushroom Mushroom 41
Sandbearer Wood Sandbearer Wood
Snapdragon Snapdragon 2
Sunsettia Sunsettia 27
Sweet Flower Sweet Flower
Violetgrass Violetgrass 4



(Investigating the northern stone tablet)
Paimon: Hey, it looks like this stone tablet has some kinda inscription on it.
(Investigating the eastern stone tablet)
Paimon: Look at this weird stone tablet. What is this writing?
(Investigating the middle-south stone tablet)
Paimon: There's some writing on this stone tablet. But Paimon can't read it...
(Investigating the south-west stone tablet)
Paimon: Hey, look! That stone tablet has some writing on it...
(Investigating the western stone tablet)
Paimon: There's writing on this stone tablet! Paimon can't understand it, though...
(Investigating any of the jade plates)
Paimon: Hey, there's some writing on this plate! ...But it's barely readable.
Paimon: Paimon feels like it might have some special meaning.


The following soundtracks are played at Guili Plains.


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Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Guili Plains
Plains of Returning and Departing
Japanese 帰離原
Guili Plains
Korean 귀리 평원
Gwiri Pyeong'won
Guili Plains
Spanish Llanura GuiliGuili Plains
French Plaines GuiliGuili Plains
Russian Долина Гуйли
Dolina Guyli
Guili Valley
Thai Guili Plain
Vietnamese Quy Li NguyênSino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese name
German Guili-EbeneGuili Plains
Indonesian Guili Plains
Portuguese Planícies de GuiliGuili Plains


  1. Morax's name during this time is unknown, as "Morax" and "Rex Lapis" are names that were given to him after The Seven were established. However, it includes the li also found in his current vessel's name.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


  1. Japanese voicelines in Rite of Descension and The Exorcist's Path.