Guhua (Chinese: 古华 Gǔhuá, "Ancient Splendor") is a historical and mythological figure in Liyue. It is believed he was an adeptus who, at the end of his journey, ascended and became a star in the midst of a purple haze at Huaguang Stone Forest.[1]

While the Guhua Clan is named after him, he has no direct relation to it; its original form, the Guhua Brotherhood, was established by someone close to Guhua to honor him.

The Rainslasher is said to have been his weapon when he still roamed Teyvat.


  • Guhua has a currently-unclear link to Prototype Archaic, which in the Chinese version is named Prototype Guhua (Chinese: 试作古华 Shìzuò Gǔhuá). In the weapon's description, when the unnamed martial artist names the sword Archaic (Chinese: 古华 Gǔhuá), its Chinese name is the same as Guhua's.


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