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Grass is a Dendro construct that appears during Exploration. When using Elemental Sight, grass will appear green.

It is possible to burn grass by applying Pyro, but not all Pyro attacks may burn grass in a single use.

Specifically, it appears that a 2B Pyro application is needed (see Gauge Unit Theory/Talents) or applying multiple 1A attacks is needed to burn grass.

After some time, the burning will stop. The duration may be related to the theory on gauge decay.

Burnt grass will appear darker than non-burnt grass. After some time, the burnt grass will respawn as non-burnt.

Grass Burning Talents

The following Pyro attacks can immediately cause grass to burn:

  • Amber's Charged Shot
  • Bennett's Elemental Skill

These are 2B Pyro applications.

The following may require multiple uses to burn grass:

  • Diluc's Elemental Skill
  • Yoimiya's infused arrows and charged shots

These are 1A Pyro applications.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0