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Goulash is a Food item that the player can cook. The recipe for Goulash is obtainable by completing the Dragonspine quest Ah, Fresh Meat!.[1]

Delicious Goulash slows the normal rate of Sheer Cold accumulation subtractively to a rate of 0.5%/s (maxes out in 200s), but has no change towards the Sheer Cold accumulation rate when wading or being in Snowstorms. It is unknown if this is intentional or an error. For Suspicious Goulash, it only subtracts 0.3%. For Normal Goulash, it only subtracts 0.4%.

Like most foods, this has no effect for other players in Co-Op Mode.


  • Item Chilled Meat.png 2 Chilled Meat
  • Item Carrot.png 2 Carrot
  • Item Tomato.png 1 Tomato
  • Creates Goulash Goulash ×1

    Other Languages

    Language Official Name Literal Meaning
    English Goulash
    Japanese お肉と野菜のシチュー
    Korean 뜨끈 야채 스튜
    Ddeuggeun Yachae Seutyu
    Hot Vegetable Soup
    Spanish Carne a la jardinera
    French Goulasch Goulash
    Russian Томатное рагу
    Tomatnoye ragu
    Tomato Stew
    Thai Goulash
    Vietnamese Thịt Hầm Sốt Rau Củ
    German Gulaschsuppe mit Gemüse Goulash soup with vegetables
    Indonesian Goulash
    Portuguese Guisado de Legumes ao Molho

    Change History

    Released in Version 1.2