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The Goth Grand Hotel is a building owned by Goth and located in Mondstadt. It has been reserved by the Fatui delegation. Luke stands guard outside the entrance, preventing unauthorized access.



Location Goth Grand Hotel - Inn Sign.png

  • The Chinese, Japanese, and Russian versions of the name use "Goethe" instead of "Goth."
  • The sign that hangs next to the left of the entrance reads "Inn" in the common language. Interestingly, it appears that the common language uses two written forms for the letter N. Furthermore, the sign only faces one way; looking at the sign from the other side shows the text in reverse (NNI).

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Goth Grand Hotel
Gēdé Dàjiǔdiàn
Goethe Grand Hotel
Gēdé Dàfàndiàn
Japanese ゲーテホテル
Geete Hoteru
Goethe Hotel
Korean 고트 호텔
Goteu Hotel
Goth Hotel
Spanish Gran Hotel GothGoth Grand Hotel
French Grand Hôtel GothGoth Grand Hotel
Russian Отель «Гёте»
Otel' "Gyote"
"Goethe" Hotel
Thai Goth Grand Hotel
Vietnamese Khách Sạn GothGoth Hotel
German Grand Hotel GothGoth Grand Hotel
Indonesian Goth Grand Hotel
Portuguese Grand Hotel GothGoth Grand Hotel

Change History

Released in Version 1.0