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Gorou (Japanese: ゴロー Goroo) is an upcoming Geo character in Genshin Impact.

He is part of the Inazuman resistance against Baal's Vision Hunt Decree. He can be seen wielding a bow.[Note 1]


Born with a beast-like fighting intuition and tenacious will, he can find a way to victory even in the most critical moments.
Within Gorou exists a soul as vast and reliable as the earth.

Official Character Introduction[3]

Kindness and loyalty are the representation of virtue. Without a doubt, my friend Gorou is a virtuous general.

Kaedehara Kazuha


Gorou is the brawn of the resistance forces. Although he looks like a young man, he's a general of the Sangonomiya troops. He is a character that stands his ground in combat and becomes more fierce throughout the battle. He is very dependable in critical moments.

Version 2.0 Livestream


  1. He is seen wielding a bow in the Version 2.0 Special Program.

Change History

Version 2.0

  • Gorou was introduced as an NPC.