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The Good Hunter's Daily Recommendation is a bulletin board located in the City of Mondstadt, next to Good Hunter.


Good Hunter
Bringing Mondstadt the freshest meat daily!

Today's Recommendations
Cold Cut Platter
As the largest meat provider in Mondstadt, we understand the struggles our customers face: "Which is the most delicious? Sausage, ham or bacon?"

Sausages, made by mincing and mixing the finest meat, are often seen as a meat lover's greatest delight, but chewy ham dried to perfection is an equally irresistible delicacy. And who could neglect indulgent oily bacon, which works wonders in any dish to which it is added...

For all the fellow meat lovers out there who, just like us, struggle to make this impossible choice between three different forms of perfection incarnate, Good Hunter's Cold Cut Platter is the perfect solution for you!

The platter consists of the finest Good Hunter sausages, Wolvendom boar bacon, and ham dried in the winds of our archon, served in equal portions for your maximum pleasure! Our golden platter comes served with wild Mist Flowers, which help keep the meat Cryo fresh!

Thanks to the Good Hunter's Special Cold Cut Platter, heaven is a place on earth for every meat lover in Mondstadt!

Change History

Released in Version 1.0