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Thieves that come and go like the wind, though they only do so out of pure instinct.
The Golden Weasel Thief is a master thief, the most adept and the rarest of all the weasel thieves. Supposedly, the weasel thief was born when one Treasure Hoarder had the unusual idea to train up wild weasels as formal members of the organization.
No formal records exist, however, so the truth of this theory cannot be known. Regardless, given the size of a weasel thief's backpack, one highly doubts that they are a particularly lucrative source of wealth for the Treasure Hoarders.

in-game description from the Archive


Item Mora.png 1,000 Mora

Catching one for the first time will add this creature's entry into your in-game archive.


Other Languages

Language Official Name
English Golden Weasel Thief
Japanese 盗賊イタチ・黄金
Korean 보물 사냥 족제비・황금
Spanish Hurón ladrón dorado
French Grande belette voleuse d'or
Russian Золотой хорёк-воришка
Zolotoy khoryok-vorishka
Thai Golden Weasel Thief
Vietnamese Chồn Trộm Báu Vật Vàng Lớn
German Goldener Schatzmarder
Indonesian Golden Weasel Thief
Portuguese Furão Ladrão Dourado

Change History

Released in Version 1.0