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The legendary freshwater amphibian that can spit out pearls. They are found mostly where the water is clear and the reeds grow long, such as in Liyue's Dihua Marsh.
They say that Golden Loaches are the spoiled children of the river itself. It is also said that they can smile so innocently because of the river's warm and gentle caress. They will combine elements that can neither be absorbed nor digested, gravel and ores within their bodies to create sparkling, shining pearls and will spit them out when threatened to confuse and distract predators.


Catching one for the first time will add this creature's entry into your in-game archive.


Golden Loaches are the only loaches to be in the HoYoLAB "Teyvat Interactive Map" tool as of Version 2.1.


Change History

Released in Version 1.1