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The Golden House is where all of Teyvat's Mora is minted. When Rex Lapis died, his corpse, the Exuvia, was moved here by the Liyue Qixing.

Following the events of A New Star Approaches, the Golden House is no longer minting new Mora after the Geo Archon handed over his Gnosis to the Tsaritsa.




Zhongli gives his thoughts about the ceasing of Mora production at the end of The Fond Farewell:

Paimon: That's right! Zhongli, now that you don't have your Gnosis, what's going to happen to all the Mora in Teyvat?
Paimon: Since Morax is "dead," are they all just gonna disappear?
Paimon: Also, isn't the Golden House the only mint in the entire continent? Will it even continue to work?
Zhongli: The Mora present now will not vanish. But the Golden House will indeed have to cease operations for a lengthy period of time, since creating Mora requires the use of the Geo Archon's power.
Paimon: Argh! This is terrible. We're all about to run out of Mora! The world is coming to an end!
Zhongli: Yes, this is indeed a major issue from a financial standpoint...
Zhongli: Uh.. Well. I suppose we'll just leave such troublesome matters to the Liyue Qixing to debate.


(Talk to Gongming)
Gongming: State your business here!
Gongming: This is a location of paramount import to Liyue. You will forgive me if I appear a little hypervigilant.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About Rex Lapis' death...
(Before completing Turning Point)
Gongming: It seems like every man and his dog has heard the news now... Perhaps the Qixing are not as omnipotent as I thought.
Gongming: To tell the truth, the news has shaken me to the core. For Rex Lapis to leave us like this, so suddenly... I dare not contemplate the implications.
Gongming: Added to this... I am at a loss to explain some of the Qixing's recent activity. Particularly some of my orders — what is asked of me far exceeds the scope of my authority...
(After completing Turning Point)
Gongming: Well, this isn't a secret anymore. It must be the talk of the town. by now.
Gongming: It never rains, but it only pours. Rex Lapis had just left us, and then some unidentified scoundrel broke into the Golden House...
Gongming: But what concerns me most is that when we did an inventory check afterward, not a single Mora was found to be missing.
Gongming: Assaulting the Golden House, but not for Mora — what manner of deed is that? I can't wrap my head around it...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What is this place?
Gongming: I am under no obligation to respond to your questions... However, since you display such a woeful ignorance of well-known facts...
Gongming: I shall indulge you this time... This is the "Golden House." Though, you may simply think of it as the Liyue Mint... or, in fact, the Teyvat Mint.
Gongming: The source of all wealth, the foundation of ambition, the lifeblood of the economy... I am the steward here, and I take every precaution to ensure the security of this place.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sorry, I have to go.
Gongming: Very well. Unless you have business at the Golden House, please stay well clear of the entrance at all times.

(Talk to Youxu)
Youxu: This is the all-important Golden House. Please tread lightly here, or you'll make me nervous.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Who might you be?
Youxu: I'm Youxu of the Millelith, and thus far, nothing untoward has happened on my watch.
Youxu: If you go to Yujing Terrace, you'll find my older brother Fengyan on patrol there.
Youxu: He's the current Millelith instructor, and is an example to me. Still, I believe that his position will be mine someday soon. *chuckles*
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Tell me about the Golden House.
(Before completing "Turning Point")
Youxu: This is where an entire continent's worth of coins are minted. To say that it is the most important place in Liyue is no overstatement.
Youxu: As a citizen of Liyue, I pray that this place will remain forever safe. But as a Millelith...
Youxu: I wish that it would allow me to do something big. I'd like to believe that some foolhardy fellows out here have designs on this place.
(After completing "Turning Point")
Youxu: *sigh* I'm still frustrated... When the adepti paid us a visit, our forces were mustered and redeployed throughout the city to strengthen the guard...
Youxu: We only found out later via reports that the Golden House had been attacked. I knew that such a day would come.
Youxu: I was just following orders, so I wasn't blamed, but... but, this was an opportunity of a lifetime, and I let it slip away just like that...
Youxu: Now it feels like I've been guarding this place for this long, but all for naught... With my skills, I could surely have stopped the person who broke in.
Youxu: Hmm, you look skeptical. Don't you believe me?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg See you around.
Youxu: While the Millelith stands guard, evil shall never prevail!

(Talk to Zhe'yuan)
Zhe'yuan: This is the Golden House, please do not make any suspicious moves.

(Talk to Zheng)
Zheng: While the Millelith stands guard, evil shall never prevail. This is the most august Golden House, so please behave appropriately.

(Talk to Zexuan)
Zexuan: I wonder when work will be able to resume...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Aren't you working right now?
Zexuan: Oh! I wasn't talk about myself. I was referring to the Golden House...
Zexuan: The Golden House's Mora production has already stopped for a long time. There are still mountains of Mora inside, but we no longer hear that crisp, clattering sound.
Zexuan: I applied for a transfer here just so I could hear the wonderful sound of raining money. Didn't think I'd be this unfortunate...
Zexuan: Eh? That's weird, you say? Well, even if that money isn't mine, I get a real rush from deep inside my soul whenever I listen to those clinking sounds... I mean, don't you?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Um, goodbye.
Zexuan: While the Millelith stands guard, evil shall never prevail. Be vigilant in all things.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Golden House
Golden House
Japanese 黄金屋
Golden House
Korean 황금옥
Golden House
Golden House
Spanish Casa DoradaGolden House
French Chambre d'OrGolden Chamber
Russian Золотая палата
Zolotaya palata
Thai Golden House
Vietnamese Hoàng Kim ỐcGolden House
German Goldstube
Indonesian Golden House
Portuguese Casa DouradaGolden House

Change History

Released in Version 1.1


  1. Japanese voiceline in Heart of Glaze.