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The Goblet of Eonothem, also known colloquially as "the cup," "the chalice," or just "the goblet," is an Artifact Piece in Genshin Impact. It increases a character's stats and currently has 11 possible main stats: HP%, DEF%, ATK%, Elemental Mastery, or Physical/Hydro/Pyro/Cryo/Electro/Anemo/Geo DMG Bonus%. Artifact Pieces can appear in all rarities (1–5★).

It is considered the hardest artifact piece to get "good stats" on because of the sheer number of main stats it can have, and the rarity in which certain main stats can drop. Certain community-made experiments show the highest probability of main stat are DEF% (21%), ATK% (21%) and HP% (19%) while Physical and Elemental DMG Bonus% have roughly 4–5% chance to drop each, and Elemental Mastery only has a 2–4% chance.

Main Stats

Each artifact has one main stat, determined by the artifact's type/slot. Its starting value is determined by the artifact's rarity. See Artifacts/Scaling for values per level.

Goblet of Eonothem Goblet of Eonothem
Rarity3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars
HP (%)5.2 - 23.16.3 - 34.87.0 - 46.6
ATK (%)5.2 - 23.16.3 - 34.87.0 - 46.6
DEF (%)6.6 - 28.87.9 - 43.58.7 - 58.3
Elemental Mastery21 - 92.325.2 - 139.328 - 186.5
Elemental DMG Bonus (%)5.2 - 23.16.3 - 34.87.0 - 46.6
Physical DMG Bonus (%)6.6 - 28.87.9 - 43.58.7 - 58.3

List of Goblet of Eonothem

There are 35 Goblet of Eonothem:

Item Exile's Goblet.png3-4★ Set Exile's Goblet
Item Royal Silver Urn.png4-5★ Set Royal Silver Urn
Item Thundersoother's Goblet.png4-5★ Set Thunder­soother
Item Surpassing Cup.png4-5★ Set Surpassing Cup
Item Hopeful Heart.png4-5★ Set Hopeful Heart
Item Scarlet Vessel.png4-5★ Set Scarlet Vessel
Item Pearl Cage.png4-5★ Set Pearl Cage

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishGoblet of Eonothem
Kōng zhī Bēi
Cup of Emptiness
Kōng zhī Bēi
Kara no Hai[!]
Beverage Cup of Emptiness
Korean공간의 성배
Gonggan-ui Seongbae
Grail of Space
SpanishCáliz de EonothemGoblet of Eonothem
FrenchCoupe d'éonothèmeGoblet of Eonothem
RussianКубок пространства
Kubok prostranstva
Goblet of Space
ThaiGoblet of Eonothem
VietnameseLy Không Gian
GermanKelch der LeereGoblet of Void
IndonesianGoblet of Eonothem
PortugueseCálice de Erátema