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The Gnostic Hymn Series is a 4-star Weapon Series. They are all obtainable through the Gnostic Hymn.

This series does not have a shared passive. The weapons in this series all share the same 2nd Stat, CRIT Rate.


5 weapons match the category selection:

Icon Name Rarity Base ATK (Lv.90) 2nd Stat (Lv.90) Passive Ability
Weapon Solar Pearl.png Solar Pearl 4 Stars 42
CRIT Rate 6%
Solar Shine
Normal Attack hits increase Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG by 20~40% for 6s. Likewise, Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst hits increase Normal Attack DMG by 20~40% for 6s.
Weapon The Black Sword.png The Black Sword 4 Stars 42
CRIT Rate 6%
Increases DMG dealt by Normal and Charged Attacks by 20~40%.
Additionally, regenerates 60~100% of ATK as HP when Normal and Charged Attacks score a CRIT Hit. This effect can occur once every 5s.
Weapon Deathmatch.png Deathmatch 4 Stars 41
CRIT Rate 8%
If there are at least 2 opponents nearby, ATK is increased by 16~32% and DEF is increased by 16~32%. If there are fewer than 2 opponents nearby, ATK is increased by 24~48%.
Weapon Serpent Spine.png Serpent Spine 4 Stars 42
CRIT Rate 6%
Every 4s a character is on the field, they will deal 6~10% more DMG and take 3~2% more DMG. This effect has a maximum of 5 stacks and will not be reset if the character leaves the field, but will be reduced by 1 stack when the character takes DMG.
Weapon The Viridescent Hunt.png The Viridescent Hunt 4 Stars 42
CRIT Rate 6%
Verdant Wind
Upon hit, Normal and Aimed Shot Attacks have a 50% chance to generate a Cyclone, which will continuously attract surrounding opponents, dealing 40~80% of ATK as DMG to these opponents every 0.5s for 4s. This effect can only occur once every 14~10s.


The weapons in the Gnostic Hymn Series are part of the stories of five independent historical figures, who each wielded one of the Gnostic Hymn weapons. There is no relation between these figures, but they share a common theme: Going astray from their original goal and losing sight of themselves, typically as a result of another individual's influence or actions.

This theme relates to the Hymn of the Pearl, a Gnostic work that inspired the Gnostic Chorus story teaser.

The Black Sword was wielded by the Bloodstained Knight, a figure who lived in Mondstadt 500 years ago. Originally known by the epithet "White Knight," he upheld justice and virtue as a member of the Knights of Favonius. After the cataclysm, however, his mentor Rostam was slain and monsters rampaged across Teyvat. The White Knight grew obsessed with killing monsters for the sake of "chivalry" and "justice," until his goal deteriorated into killing for the sake of killing — thus gaining the name "Bloodstained Knight."[1] He eventually realized that he had no place in Teyvat and descended into the Abyss to continue slaying monsters. There, he discovered the "ultimate injustice" — the curse that transformed the people of Khaenri'ah into monsters of the Abyss[2] — and swore his loyalty to the Abyss.

Serpent Spine was wielded by the Skipper, who lived in Liyue 1000 years ago. He originally led a crew that hunted sea monsters, and was single-mindedly devoted to that task. The only person he truly cared for was his navigator, a young woman who loved singing. One day, however, the crew met their match against a particularly powerful sea monster. The Skipper was the only survivor, spared as a result of the navigator's distraction.[3] He then became fixated on hunting this monster down and avenging her death, eventually leading himself and his new crew to their deaths for his objective.[4]

Deathmatch was wielded by the Unnamed Gladiator who lived in Mondstadt 1000 years ago as a slave who fought on his master Eberhart's behalf in the arena. While he originally fought for his freedom, Eberhart's manipulations led him to become genuinely devoted to his master, and he lost sight of his goal. He eventually lost his life to Vennessa, who had been enslaved as a gladiator by the Lawrence Clan.[5]

Solar Pearl was created by Kunwu, a craftsman in Liyue who lived an indeterminate time ago. Originally a scholar with plans on studying in Sumeru Academia, Kunwu one day came into possession of the Sundial of Enduring Jade, a sundial crafted by Morax himself. Discovering he could find no flaws in the sundial, Kunwu became obsessed with creating something that would surpass it.[6] He abandoned his path as a scholar and became a famous weaponsmith.

The Viridescent Hunt was wielded by Viridescent, the Queen of Hunters who lived 500 years ago. Raised away from human society, she had long been taught to live in accordance to nature and to never use her hunting prowess for personal motives. This changed when the cataclysm struck: she encountered a dying, blind boy who had stumbled into the forest where she lived. She took up his desire for revenge against the monsters and to that end, chose to disregard her teachings.[7] Before she embarked on her quest to slay the monsters of the Abyss, she buried The Viridescent Hunt as to avoid tainting it with the blood spilled on her personal quest.


Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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