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Glory is an NPC located in the City of Mondstadt. She can be found sitting on a bench above the main plaza.

Glory is Grace's adoptive daughter and Timmie's adoptive older sister.[3]



At some point in her life, Glory became blind and now only recognizes people by their voices. She is in love with Godwin and awaits his return from Varka's expedition.


Because of her blindness, Glory tends to imagine things in her mind's eye... and sometimes, that imagination runs a bit wild.


Glory has long golden-brown hair, like her mother and brother. She wears bandages over her eyes to signify that she's blind.

Quests and Events

Story Quests




Idle Quotes

  • "Please look after Godwin."
    • "Lord Barbatos... please see to it that Godwin gets home soon and safe." (Voiceline)
(During the Invitation of Windblume event)


Glory: I don't recognize that voice... Are you a traveler from afar?
Glory: Though I can't see, I'm always here to listen if there's anything you need.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About Stormterror...
(After completing A Long Shot)
Glory: I obviously couldn't see what happened in Mondstadt when Stormterror attacked, so I only know what other people have told me.
Glory: People's voices were full of fear during that time, but recently the sounds of anguish have finally died down.
Glory: Mondstadt's wind, too, has finally calmed down again.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Who are you?
Glory: Sorry, where are my manners! Allow me to introduce myself — I'm Glory.
Glory: I come here often, waiting for Godwin to come back... I pray he manages to avoid those rotten hilichurls and the Abyss Order on the way... so he can come back and be with me soon.
Glory: Ah, I'm rambling again... Sorry, it's just so nice having someone to talk to.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Who is Godwin?
Glory: He's the man I love. He's with the Knights, and he's away with Grand Master Varka's expedition.
Glory: It was hard to let him go, but I was so proud of him managing to join Varka's expedition party.
Glory: ...Sadly, I don't know when the expedition is supposed to end. All I can do is wait here for him.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Tell me more about the hilichurls and the Abyss Order.
Glory: You must find them a nuisance too? All they do is go round [sic] causing mischief.
Glory: I heard that most of the hilichurls suddenly appeared in Teyvat out of nowhere several hundred years ago... And the same for the Abyss Order, actually.
Glory: Some said they were borne of some great catastrophe that descended on Teyvat... But I think they probably came from outer space!
Glory: ...Sorry, because I can't see my imagination sometimes runs a bit wild. Just ignore it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It must be difficult not being able to see.
Glory: Yes... Especially at the beginning, it was hard to adjust.
Glory: But when you can't see, your sense of hearing becomes stronger. Now, when the wind brushes past my ears, I can almost picture certain things in my mind's eye...
Glory: And since putting my faith in Lord Barbatos, I sometimes hear the whisper of a soothing voice carried on the wind.
Glory: My mother — or "Sister Grace" to everyone else — always tells me that Mondstadt is looked after by the Anemo Archon. I think she's right, you know.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Goodbye.
Glory: Bye-bye.
Glory: Hope you enjoy your stay in Mondstadt.

Event Dialogue

Invitation of Windblume

Glory: Huh? I recognize that voice... Traveler?
Glory: The Windblume festivities are in full swing! If you get time, do make sure to roam around. You'll find a very different Mondstadt.
Glory: Even better, if there's someone important to you, you should spend the festival with them. That's where the Windblume feeling truly resides...
Glory: I always used to spend the Windblume Festival with my family and my darling Godwin. How I cherish those sweet times...
Glory: I still don't know how he's getting on... May the winds protect him.



  • Although blindfolded, her eye color is green.
  • Glory was mentioned in Barbara's Story 2.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0