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Glittering Street is an outdoor gift set favored by the companions: Ningguang, Keqing, Shenhe, Xingqiu, Yanfei, Yun Jin, and Zhongli.

It is obtained from the Realm Depot for Realm Currency Realm Currency ×240.

Required Furnishings

Companion Favors

The following characters favor this Gift Set.

Character Rewards
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora

Special Dialogue

If a character's favorite furnishing set is placed in the same realm as the character for the first time, the character will automatically teleport to the furnishing set. Interacting with the character will initiate a special dialogue, after which the character will teleport back to their original position.

Keqing: As I thought, you've carefully observed the streets of Liyue.
Keqing: Your understanding of the layout of stores and vendors is most detailed.
Keqing: Would you be interested in discussing plans to improve Chihu Rock with me?
Ningguang: I have observed Liyue from the Jade Chamber for years - every building and every tile is etched into my memory.
Ningguang: I cannot sense the slightest feeling of discord from this street... It is quite a rare find indeed.
Ningguang: Your ability never ceases to surprise me...
Shenhe: If we were in Liyue Harbor, this street would be crammed with people... and I don't think I'd stay longer than I needed to.
Shenhe: But here, this street seems like such a safe place...
Shenhe: Join me for a walk. It could be good practice for you, helping me acclimatize to the mortal world.
Xingqiu: This place captures the atmosphere, yet avoids such disturbances and clamor as are common to the city.
Xingqiu: Your design for this street is most exquisite.
Xingqiu: A stroll here will certainly serve as inspiration for my writing!
Yanfei: You wouldn't see any operational mistakes in this commercial area even during a busy festival season.
Yanfei: I can tell that you've put a great deal of time into this.
Yanfei: Do you plan to attract more shops? I can provide you with legal support.
Yun Jin: I always love to take a stroll around the night market after a performance.
Yun Jin: This street has a striking resemblance to those back in Liyue. It really feels just like being there.
Yun Jin: Let's take a stroll around here tonight, then. What do you say?
Zhongli: The flourishing city of Liyue developed from small streets dotted with a few shops, just like this one.
Zhongli: You have a talent for many pursuits, as well as a boldness of spirit.
Zhongli: To me, each day spent with you is as valuable as gold.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Glittering Street
Bǎilǐ Línláng Jiē
Hundred-Li Street of Glittering Jewels[• 1]
Bǎilǐ Línláng Jiē
Japanese 百里琳琅街
Hyakuri Rinrou Machi[!]
Hundred-Li Street of Glittering Jewels[• 2]
Korean 보물이 가득한 거리
Bomul-i Gaduekan Geori
Street Full of Treasures
Spanish Prosperidad y bullicio
French Rue foisonnanteBusy Street
Russian Сверкающая улица
Sverkayushchaya ulitsa
Thai ย่านร้านค้านับร้อยสุดคึกคัก
Vietnamese Phố Rực Rỡ
German GlitzerstraßeGlitter Street
Indonesian Jalan yang BerkilauGlittering Street
Portuguese Rua Cintilante
  1. ZH: From the idiom 琳琅满目 línláng mǎnmù, "glittering jewels as far as the eye can see", used to describe a superb collection of beautiful things, or a feast for the eyes.
  2. JA: Japanese reading of Chinese name

Change History

Released in Version 1.6