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Glimmering Beacons are objects that appear on water in the Golden Apple Archipelago that light up the area. They can be located on the map and will pulse when sailing near them on the Waverider. When reaching a beacon, they will be activated and light up.

They can be found at the Icon Glimmering Beacon.png on the minimap.


Tutorial Fog 1.png Fog diffuses over the surface of the sea around the Golden Apple Archipelago. Get careless, and you might just get lost.
Tutorial Fog 2.png Glimmering Beacons floating on the ocean surface are critical in lighting the way.
Tutorial Fog 3.png When you sail close to a Glimmering Beacon, pulses will appear on the minimap. The closer you are to the Glimmering Beacon, the stronger the pulses will be.
Adjust your course to follow the pulses to ensure that you are heading toward the Beacon.
Tutorial Fog 4.png The Glimmering Beacon's light will continuously twinkle. When you have reached the Beacon, it will be activated and become lit.
Use these Beacons to avoid getting lost, find the many islands within the fog, and unlock their Teleport Waypoints!

Change History

Released in Version 1.6