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Gift and Intent is a quest in Noelle's Hangout Event Act I: Chivalric Training.


  • It's the Heart That Matters
    1. Make a serving of Mondstadt Grilled Fish
    2. Give a serving of Mondstadt Grilled Fish to Bea
    3. Talk to Bea
    4. Look for Noelle in the library
    5. Talk to Noelle
  • Sincerest of Gifts
    1. Talk to Marjorie
    2. Give the Handpicked Gift to Bea
    3. Go to Cape Oath
    4. Take a picture of the view of Falcon Coast from Cape Oath
    5. (Go to Starsnatch Cliff)
    6. Take a picture of the top of Starsnatch Cliff at night (19:00 - 24:00)
    7. Go to Windrise
    8. Take a picture at Windrise that captures the river and shade of the trees
    9. Talk to Bea
    10. Go to Windrise


  • Beatrice will complain that there are already people at Starsnatch Cliff even if Marvin and Marla are out of frame.
  • Reading Noelle's study notes grants the hidden achievement "A World Known Only Unto Roses."


It's the Heart That Matters

(Talk to Beatrice with Mondstadt Grilled Fish in inventory)
Beatrice: *sigh* How am I ever going to get Quinn to listen to me...?
(Give Suspicious Mondstadt Grilled Fish)
Beatrice: What's... what's this? Not an attractive sight...
Beatrice: Smells a little strange, too... Surely this can't be what you want me give to Quinn?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg O—Of course not...
Beatrice: I'll keep waiting for you here then.
(Give Mondstadt Grilled Fish)
Beatrice: Uh... Mondstadt Grilled Fish... for Quinn?
Beatrice: I have often said that I would bring him lunch... Would this really work? Hmm...
Beatrice: Well, since it's Noelle's recommendation, I'll give it a try!
Noelle: I hope Quinn understands Bea's intentions...
Noelle: And I hope we were a help this time...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg But now's not the best time to disturb them...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Now then, let's take that break...
Noelle: Mm... apologies, by the way. I said we would take a break and ended up bothering you.
Noelle: Oh! If you're peckish, just let me know. I can whip something up for you right away!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg No whipping anything up...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You're taking a break, remember?
Noelle: Argh, sorry. Old habits die hard...
You enjoy a relaxing time with Noelle...
(After the cutscene)
Noelle: You know... I—I'm still a little worried about how Bea is doing...
Paimon: There's no stopping you once you're concerned about someone, huh! Come on then, let's see how she's doing!

(Talk to Quinn, optional)
Quinn: Fruit, fresh fruit... want some fruit?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Bea's gift...? Uhh...
Quinn: Oh... she said something about giving me something to eat... but I'm really not hungry right now...
Quinn: Besides, she's constantly talking about bringing me lunch, so I didn't think anything of it this time...
(Talk to Beatrice)
Beatrice: Ugh...
Noelle: Bea?
Beatrice: Oh... hi Noelle...
Noelle: So... Ahem! Did you get a d—date with Quinn?
Beatrice: *sigh* I barely want to talk about it...
Beatrice: I hadn't even given him the Mondstadt Grilled Fish when he muttered something about not having an appetite and not wanting to eat.
Beatrice: I can't force him to eat, can I...?
Beatrice: Looks like I'll just have to try to ask him out some other time.
Noelle: I... I must apologize.
Noelle: Next time, I'll help you find a much better gift!
Beatrice: No need... It should be me apologizing. I was worried and dumped everything on you.
Beatrice: It's obvious, thinking about it now... Noelle can't be good at everything...
Noelle: Oh...
Beatrice: It's okay. This isn't your fault, I don't blame you. I... I have to get going.
Noelle: Please... Take care...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...Noelle...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...Everything okay?
Noelle: I'm... I'm fine...
Noelle: It's just... I feel bad that I couldn't help Bea...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's impossible to be an expert on everything, you know...
Noelle: You're not wrong... but if I give up so easily, then the next time someone needs help, I'll mess up again...
Noelle: I may not know much about this sort of thing, but at the very least I should try to learn something about it...
Noelle: I... I'm going to the Knights of Favonius library! There must be some guidance there on the subject of love!
Noelle: The next time I encounter a situation like this, I'll be able to help...
(After the cutscene)
Paimon: Can Noelle really handle a subject as big as love by herself?
Paimon: We should head to the library and see how she's doing.

The Almighty Maid and Her Impossible Task

(Approach Noelle)
Noelle: "...since you've already noticed, I guess I can let you lend a hand."
Noelle: ...Ah, so that's how it works. When you meet the person who inspires your affections, you have to find a way to do things together with them...
Noelle: Hmm. "...even if not old enough to drink, one should still learn to discuss the different qualities of wine..."
Noelle: ...I see, so you need to know how to make yourself interesting, to draw people's attention
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What are you reading?
Noelle: Ah! S—Sorry! I didn't see you there! I was deep in concentration...
Noelle: I borrowed every book on love from the library that I could find.
Noelle: When I've finished reading them, I'll finally be able to give decisive recommendations for next time! ...Even if it is me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...So, what books do we have here?
Noelle: Well, let's see... For example, "Vera's Melancholy," "Heart of Clear Springs"...
Noelle: ...All of them contain detailed records of the experience of love! As a maid, my experience leaves a lot to be desired, so I found the quickest way was to take examples from the classics!
Noelle: There's also "A Guide to Tavern Chat," and "Shortcuts to Love"...
Noelle: ...These are much more practical in nature! And of course, there are even books that focus on theories of love!
Noelle: And there's this one, this book's about... Mmm... hmm...hmm?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About what?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Can I take a look?
Noelle: N—No! ...Nothing! This book... it's too early to read this book...
Noelle: L—Let's look at another one...You have to learn the basics first, after all...
Noelle: Uh, so this book is about... huh? S—Same as that one...? Guess this must be a pretty... common topic...
Noelle: *sigh* Looks like I... still have a lot to learn...

Ending: A Conundrum Called Love

A Conundrum Called Love
Aether Lumine
Hangout Noelle Act 1 A Conundrum Called Love (Aether).png Hangout Noelle Act 1 A Conundrum Called Love (Lumine).png
It may take some time yet to discover the formula for "love"...
(Talk to Noelle again)
Noelle: Whew! All these b—books have got my heart racing...
Noelle: I think I should take a break and do something else... to distract myself...
Noelle: Then again, perhaps I should finish this one first. Just the one, right?
(Read Noelle's Study Notes)
Noelle's Study Notes: "Make time to be together alone," "Give (him/her) a cake you made yourself"...
Noelle's Study Notes: Words of counsel and wisdom are penned here in a lovely hand that unfortunately grew shaky towards the tail end.
Noelle's Study Notes: Some of the text has been arbitrarily struck out, seemingly a result of the owner's emotions suddenly running high.

Sincerest of Gifts

(Talk to Beatrice, optional)
Beatrice: *sigh* How am I ever going to get Quinn to listen to me...?

(Talk to Marjorie)
Marjorie: Welcome to With Wind Comes Glory! Well, if it isn't Noelle and the Honorary Knight!
Marjorie: And what wind brought the two of you together? I barely ever see Noelle in someone else's company.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Barely ever?
Marjorie: Well, when Noelle's working, she practically always takes care of things by herself.
Marjorie: And once she's finished with A, it's straight off to take care of B. Seems she hardly has time to catch her breath.
Marjorie: Say, Noelle... you're not a child anymore, you know?
Marjorie: If you don't take time out for yourself, you may come to regret it in the future...
Noelle: I, um... decided to take a break today...
Noelle: But something came up...
Marjorie: Oh? So it's a day off... with the Honorary Knight?
Marjorie: Ooooh! How wonderful! That's something to celebrate!
Marjorie: You must be here to pick out a gift for the Honorary Knight? Choose anything you like. We have a lot that might tickle your fancy!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Even without gifts, today is still a day to be celebrated.
Marjorie: Wow! So this must be... an anniversary? How many years? Come on, give me the details...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Actually, we're here to help someone else choose a gift.
Marjorie: Aww, so shy! No use denying it though.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Actually, I'm here to buy a gift for Noelle.
Marjorie: Oh! Well, it doesn't matter who's sending what to who... You can't get without giving!
Noelle: Stop teasing!
Noelle: Me and the Honorary Knight don't have that kind of relationship...
Marjorie: Hehehe... not yet!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Seems you have a knack for this kind of thing, Marjorie...
Marjorie: Eh! I guess... After all, Noelle here is the type that needs a push every now and again.
Marjorie: But looks like she's still in the dark when it comes to these things.
Noelle: I... I just feel... I shouldn't let such things distract me from my Chivalric Training!
Noelle: Yes... there are too many important things to take care of...
Marjorie: Okay, okay, no more teasing. So, what is the reason for this visit?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's like this...
Marjorie: So... you're choosing a gift for Bea to give to Quinn...
Marjorie: In that case, I have a couple of fun new things in stock: a Frostening Bottle and a Squirrel Wood Carving.
Marjorie: The Frostening Bottle is very useful to keep alcohol cold and fresh for a long time.
Marjorie: As for the Squirrel Wood Carving... Well, it's a nice ornament, and it would look great at Quinn's stall.
Marjorie: So, bottle or ornament... which will it be?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The Frostening Bottle...
Noelle: A Frostening Bottle... a fitting gift for one of the Four Drunkards.
Noelle: (They remembered what I said... Aww...)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The Squirrel Wood Carving...
(-1 Heart)
Noelle: Hmmm... I'm a little worried that Quinn might just throw a wood carving in a drawer and forget about it...
Noelle: To be on the safe side, how about we give him the Frostening Bottle?
Noelle: As one of the Four Drunkards, he's sure to love it!
Marjorie: So, Frostening Bottle it is? Alrighty, let me wrap it up for you.
(Obtain Handpicked Gift ×1)
(After the cutscene)
Noelle: Okay, now that the gift is wrapped...
Noelle: Let's hurry back and give it to Bea!

(Talk to Beatrice)
Beatrice: Hmmm? Give the Frostening Bottle to Quinn?
Beatrice: It does look like something that he's be interested in.
Beatrice: Wait, wait... maybe... I can use the gift as bait... I could say that if he wants to get the gift then he'll have to come on a date with me first...
Beatrice: Thank you both so much! With this gift, there's no way Quinn will be able to refuse me!
Noelle: Uh-huh... Is that how gifts work?
Noelle: Well, as long as it helps!
Beatrice: Ah! Oh no!
Noelle: What's wrong?
Noelle: The gift? Is there something wrong with the gift?
Beatrice: No, no, it's not the gift...
Beatrice: I've been so focused on convincing Quinn, I haven't even thought about where our date's gonna be!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg No... really?
Beatrice: I've never gotten to that stage!
Beatrice: Noelle... could you help me...?
Beatrice: *sigh* A date should be properly planned, so I'll wait. No need to rush!
Noelle: Just... leave it to me.
(After the cutscene)
Noelle: A date... Hmm, we'll need a place with pleasant scenery and a quiet atmosphere...
Noelle: Let's look around. If we see anywhere good, let's take a picture and let Bea have the final say.
Noelle: Oh! There's a beautiful and touching tale about Cape Oath. Maybe that would be a good spot?

(Go to Cape Oath)
Noelle: Ah, you can see Falcon Coast from here! Such a beautiful view!
Noelle: Let's find a good angle to take a picture!
(Take a picture facing Falcon Coast)
(Obtain Picture of Cape Oath ×1)
Noelle: Let's head to Starsnatch Cliff next!
Noelle: Starsnatch Cliff, another beautiful location — and so elevated! This place is super famous for its nightscape.

(Go to Starsnatch Cliff)
Noelle: I know, let's get a picture from the top.
(Take a picture between 19
00 and 24:00 facing the summit of Starsnatch Cliff)
(Obtain Picture of Starsnatch Cliff ×1)
Noelle: Now... one more option should do it...
Noelle: Oh! Let's go to Windrise!

(Talk to Beatrice before going to Windrise)
Beatrice: Oh? You're back! Find any romantic locations?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Not yet...
Beatrice: Oh... then please keep looking! This is really important to me.
(Go to Windrise)
Noelle: Look over there, the Windrise tree! Symbol of the great hero, Vennessa!
Paimon: You're pretty excited, huh Noelle?
Noelle: M—My apologies. We're supposed to be picking a venue for Miss Bea...
Paimon: Nice! The scenery here is pretty good too! Small rivers and soft shadows under the trees. Let's get a picture!
(Take a picture with the shade of the tree and the river at Windrise)
(Obtain Picture of Windrise ×1)
Paimon: That should do it. Let's get back to Bea!

(Talk to Beatrice)
Beatrice: Oh, you guys are back. What romantic locations did you find?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Windrise...
Noelle: Yeah! What about Windrise?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Starsnatch Cliff...
Beatrice: Wait... aren't there people here already?
Beatrice: I don't want other people ruining the atmosphere while we're on the date...
Beatrice: Let's look at another place...
Noelle: How... how about Windrise?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Cape Oath...
Beatrice: Cape Oath... as in maybe taking a relationship oath? Sounds great!
Beatrice: You can see the sea from there, right? I love the sea.
Noelle: Well, what do you think about Windrise?
Noelle: May your love be as free as a dandelion...
Beatrice: Windrise? Hmm, that's a great location... but isn't it a bit cliché?
Noelle: Huh? C-Cliché?
Beatrice: Well, old folks are always going on about something symbolic about that place... Besides, we've been there so many times when we were young.
Beatrice: It just feels like there's nothing special or new about it...
Noelle: Oh... okay...
Beatrice: Hmmm... I'm going with Cape Oath! Thanks so much. I'm off to find Quinn.
Beatrice: Ahhhh, Quinn... I wonder what kind of oath he'll make to me...
Noelle: Uhh...
Noelle: Is Windrise... no longer popular...?
Noelle: But... the book said it was the most popular place in Mondstadt...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg When was the book written?
Noelle: Uh... I'm not sure, I found it while cleaning a corner if the library...
Noelle: It was the story of Windrise and Lady Vennessa...
Noelle: I thought folks in Mondstadt would still like to go there...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Don't worry about it. I like it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Would you like to go there with me?
Noelle: Huh? You want to go to Windrise?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Think of it as our last break of the day.
Noelle: O—Okay! Follow me!

Promised Place

(Talk to Beatrice and Quinn at Cape Oath)
Beatrice: ...Quinn! Look! That's Falcon Coast — right there!
Quinn: Wow, you really can see it... I've always thought it was far away... I had no idea how close it was.
Beatrice: Perhaps... there are other things around you that seem far away, but are actually very close...
Quinn: You're right... So many potential customers out there...
(Approach Noelle)
Noelle: *sigh* The air here really refreshes you in an instant.
Noelle: Forget about training and work, just breathe and feel the wind... Nothing else...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You can come here whenever you like, you know.
Noelle: Ha, that's true.
Noelle: But training and work are still the things I need to focus on.
Noelle: If I didn't take them seriously, I wouldn't be a reliable maid.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Isn't that tiring?
Noelle: Yes, to some degree. But, Lady Vennessa... and Master Jean... they worked much harder than me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So this is the responsibility that you put on yourself?
Noelle: Put it this way, Lady Vennessa... and Master Jean... the responsibilities they carry — that they carried — those are the heaviest.
Noelle: I know I have a lot to live up to. That's why I want to become a real knight of Favonius — to help more people.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You already possess the greatest qualities of a knight.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Helping others is the greatest quality of a knight.
Noelle: R—Really...? Thank you.
Noelle: If you weren't here today, I wouldn't have been able to help Bea.
Noelle: It's just a small token of appreciation, but I hope you'll accept it.
Noelle: Roses are my favorite flower. This is a paper one that I folded by hand.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...Do you know the meaning of a rose?
Noelle: Of course! In Mondstadt, roses represent the saying, "As wine bottles are corked, so too my lips are sealed."
Noelle: I have seen and learned a lot during our time together.
Noelle: It will become a wonderful memory — one that I will savor again and again...
Noelle: I want it to remain in my heart and become a secret between the two of us.
Noelle: *sigh* ...Wait! Do you mean that... roses have some meaning that I don't know about?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Uh... never mind.
Noelle: Oh... I'll need to go back to the library and find out...
Noelle: Still, whatever a rose means...
Noelle: I hope that this one can stay by your side in all your future adventures!
Noelle: Before I'm able to fight alongside you, Honorary Knight...

Ending: Whisper of the Paper Rose

Whisper of the Paper Rose
Aether Lumine
Hangout Noelle Act 1 Whisper of the Paper Rose (Aether).png Hangout Noelle Act 1 Whisper of the Paper Rose (Lumine).png
"The meaning of the rose only exists in our hearts..."

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Gift and Intent
Japanese プレゼントと気持ち
Korean 선물과 마음
Spanish La intención es lo que cuenta
French Cadeau & intentionGift & Intention
Russian Подарок со смыслом
Thai ของขวัญและความตั้งใจ
Gift and Intention
Vietnamese Lễ Vật Và Tâm Ý
German Absichtsvolles Geschenk
Indonesian Hadiah dan KetulusanGift and Sincerity
Portuguese Presente e Intenção

Change History

Released in Version 1.4