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The Gift Shop is a Shop that has Bundles for sale. Items in this shop are available in limited quantities with some of the items having their stock resetting weekly. The currency required for most items are Genesis Crystals.

Purchase with US$

Item US$
Limit Contents
Blessing of the Welkin Moon Blessing of the Welkin Moon 4.99 None

Over a 30-day period:

Adventurer's Bundle Adventurer's Bundle 9.99 None

PSN Store Exclusive

Genesis Crystal Shop

Discounts are given in parenthesis.

Permanent Bundles

These bundles refresh their stock every week.

Item Item Genesis Crystal.png Weekly Limit Contents
Starter Supply Bundle Starter Supply Bundle 300 1
Wayfarer's Supply Bundle Wayfarer's Supply Bundle 980 1
Adventurer's Share Bundle Adventurer's Share Bundle 60 1

Limited Bundles

These bundles do not refresh and only select number are available during specific times of each Version.

Item Item Genesis Crystal.png Limit Contents
Adventurer's Supply Bundle Adventurer's Supply Bundle 170
Adventurer's Ore Bundle Adventurer's Ore Bundle 200
Adventurer's Jumbo Ore Bundle Adventurer's Jumbo Ore Bundle 760
Adventurer's Special Bundle Adventurer's Special Bundle 850
Adventurer's Tempering Bundle Adventurer's Tempering Bundle 240
Adventurer's Instructional Bundle Adventurer's Instructional Bundle 760
Adventurer's Special Supply Bundle Adventurer's Special Supply Bundle 160
Adventurer's Seasonal Special Bundle Adventurer's Seasonal Special Bundle 300

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 2.4

Adventurer's Booster Bundles Round 11.png

Version 2.3

Adventurer's Booster Bundles Round 10.png

Version 2.2

Adventurer's Booster Bundles Round 9.png

Version 2.1

Adventurer's Booster Bundles Round 8.png

Version 2.0

Adventurer's Booster Bundles Round 7.png

Version 1.6

Adventurer's Booster Bundles Round 6.png

Version 1.5

Adventurer's Booster Bundles Round 5.png

Version 1.4

Adventurer's Booster Bundles Round 4.png

Version 1.3

Gift Shop Version 1.3.jpg

Version 1.2

Version 1.1