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A skirmisher with the ability to generate a Geo Shield and defend their allies.
Unlike the elite Mages and Agents, Fatui Skirmishers are soldiers of lesser individual might.
To complete their tasks and reduce losses in men and materiel, their tactics are thus more reliant on teamwork.

Geochanter Bracers are Fatui Skirmishers that will conjure Geo-infused projectiles that deal Geo DMG. They are also capable of generating Geo elemental armor in battle, granting the Geochanter heavy amounts of damage reduction.

The Geo shield is weak to hard / heavy attacks, including Claymore attacks, Plunging Attacks (from sword/claymore/polearm users), Geo damage, and Klee's Normal Attack. The shield can also be broken from Overloaded reactions and other kinds of explosions. When the armor is broken, the Geochanter is stunned briefly, leaving an opening to attack.

While armored, they gain the ability to blink away from nearby attackers. They also become able to channel a Geo elemental dome shield around their allies, but cannot move or attack while doing so. Use this downtime to destroy the Geochanter's shield.