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"Hunt a Cocogoat. Please and thank you."
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A monster birthed from a high concentration of Geo that can float in the air.
Geo Specters mimic the fruit of certain plants when their wings are closed together. As such, they are held by some ancient tales to be the fruit of a giant tree in the sky, and are regarded as having mysterious medical value.


Abilities and Attacks

  • Fury: Taking a lot of DMG from a single attack will charge fury, stronger attacks charge more fury. When they have a full fury bar, they will grow bigger and do more damage.
  • Rock Spit: Shoots three small homing rocks that deal Geo DMG. The shots also knock the Specter backwards.
  • Propeller Bump: Spins before knocking into the player, dealing Geo DMG.
  • Earthquake: Shoots a projectile at the ground under it that bursts into an earthquake that deals AoE Geo DMG. This attack will only occur at max fury and will be the only attack it uses in that state.
  • Final Burst: Explodes after a short pause when defeated dealing AoE Geo DMG.