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Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG developed and published by HoYoverse for the PC, iOS/Android, and PS4/PS5 platforms.
The game is free-to-play with a gacha monetization system in the form of Wishes.
This wiki is an English resource for information about the global version of the game. There are unmarked spoilers on this wiki.
This wiki currently has 25,693 articles and 203,379 files.

Please read the Community Page and Rules before editing and discussing!

Character List
SigewinneHydro Sigewinne
ClorindeElectro Clorinde
SethosElectro Sethos
ArlecchinoPyro Arlecchino
ChioriGeo Chiori
XianyunAnemo Xianyun
GamingPyro Gaming
ChevreusePyro Chevreuse
NaviaGeo Navia
FurinaHydro Furina
CharlotteCryo Charlotte
WriothesleyCryo Wriothesley
NeuvilletteHydro Neuvillette
FreminetCryo Freminet
LyneyPyro Lyney
LynetteAnemo Lynette
KiraraDendro Kirara
BaizhuDendro Baizhu
KavehDendro Kaveh
MikaCryo Mika
DehyaPyro Dehya
AlhaithamDendro Alhaitham
YaoyaoDendro Yaoyao
WandererAnemo Wanderer
FaruzanAnemo Faruzan
LaylaCryo Layla
NahidaDendro Nahida
NilouHydro Nilou
CynoElectro Cyno
CandaceHydro Candace
DoriElectro Dori
TighnariDendro Tighnari
ColleiDendro Collei
Shikanoin HeizouAnemo Heizou
Kuki ShinobuElectro Shinobu
YelanHydro Yelan
Kamisato AyatoHydro Ayato
Yae MikoElectro Yae Miko
ShenheCryo Shenhe
Yun JinGeo Yun Jin
Arataki IttoGeo Itto
GorouGeo Gorou
ThomaPyro Thoma
Sangonomiya KokomiHydro Kokomi
Raiden ShogunElectro Raiden
AloyCryo Aloy
Kujou SaraElectro Kujou Sara
YoimiyaPyro Yoimiya
SayuAnemo Sayu
Kamisato AyakaCryo Ayaka
Kaedehara KazuhaAnemo Kazuha
EulaCryo Eula
YanfeiPyro Yanfei
RosariaCryo Rosaria
Hu TaoPyro Hu Tao
XiaoAnemo Xiao
GanyuCryo Ganyu
AlbedoGeo Albedo
ZhongliGeo Zhongli
XinyanPyro Xinyan
TartagliaHydro Tartaglia
DionaCryo Diona
KleePyro Klee
DilucPyro Diluc
MonaHydro Mona
KeqingElectro Keqing
JeanAnemo Jean
VentiAnemo Venti
QiqiCryo Qiqi
Traveler Traveler
AmberPyro Amber
BennettPyro Bennett
XianglingPyro Xiangling
BarbaraHydro Barbara
XingqiuHydro Xingqiu
BeidouElectro Beidou
FischlElectro Fischl
LisaElectro Lisa
RazorElectro Razor
SucroseAnemo Sucrose
ChongyunCryo Chongyun
KaeyaCryo Kaeya
NingguangGeo Ningguang
NoelleGeo Noelle
Daily Reset
(Asia) 6h 39m 34s (Update)
(EU) 13h 39m 34s (Update)
(NA) 19h 39m 34s (Update)
Weekly Reset
(Asia) 1d 6h 39m 34s (Update)
(EU) 1d 13h 39m 34s (Update)
(NA) 1d 19h 39m 34s (Update)
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