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Jump right in! Don't be afraid to get started. Anyone is free to edit here once they have created a Fandom account, so simply click edit and get started!

Collaboration is key

Wikis are based on the idea that the crowd, collectively, has a greater sum of knowledge than just one individual. That means collaborating with others is the key to creating a successful community. Collaboration means you work together to build, design and make decisions. No one person owns or rules a community site. Rather, it is built, supported and owned by all participating community members.

Practice open-mindedness & assume good faith

Since sites are open to edit by anyone, users of all skill levels and opinions are welcome to participate. We assume that most people who work on a wiki are trying to help it, not hurt it. If this weren't true, a project would be doomed from the beginning. If you think there is a problem, it's best to ask the user about the issue first, then take any additional steps if need be.

The same practices can apply to users who visit the site to discuss, read, and comment on a page- everyone has differing opinions and perspectives on topics, so please practice open-mindedness and assume that not everything out there is written with ill intent.

Ask for help

If you are confused or need help, just ask! There is a lot of help all around you on Fandom, including our help pages, Central forums, local admins, and staff. No question is too small!

Content Rules and Editing Guidelines

Datamined and Leaked Content

The following content is allowed on the site:

  • Datamined icons for released items and weapons
  • Datamined info for released characters
    • Icons/Images (no 3D models)
    • Talents and Stats
    • Voicelines and Character Stories

The following content is not allowed:

  • Screenshots or videos of beta tests under NDA (leaked content).
  • Datamined information about unannounced characters or upcoming characters that have not been released yet.
  • Info, icons/images, descriptions, stats, etc. for anything that is technically released and accessible in the game, but not actually physically accessible by the player at the current time - meaning there is no way for the player to obtain or view the thing in question without the use of exploits or cheats

If you have any questions, please ask a Content Moderator or Administrator before editing or uploading, or else your edits/content will be reverted/deleted.


Any form of vandalism is not welcome on the Wiki. This includes:

  • inserting false information, inappropriate or unrelated content, spam, or gibberish into pages
  • removing content from pages for no legitimate reason
  • inserting or spamming links to external sites
  • uploading inappropriate images to the site without good reason

Editing Conflicts

If you do not agree with a certain edit being made to a page, you are allowed to undo the edit and provide reasonable refute as to why that edit should not be implemented. If the undone edits are reverted, please contact the user through the Message Wall or through the site's Discord to discuss the edited page in question in an attempt to resolve this issue. Please do not engage in edit wars- if a user is being uncompliant with open-minded discussion, please contact a Content Moderator to have this issue resolved.

Deviation from in-game text

Due to Genshin Impact being developed by a Chinese company and then being localized to other languages, sometimes there are mistakes in the English version of the game (usually grammar or mistranslation of words). If it is a grammar or spelling mistake just correct it on the relevant pages, but if it is a mistranslation make sure to make an (italicized note) that it is incorrect in-game, especially for item effects.

Citation and Plagiarism

Please follow citation practices and cite content and the authors properly if you are bringing content to Fandom or taking it from here to another site. Make sure you have permission to use something before you copy it, and follow the rules for attribution when you do reuse. Everyone likes credit for their hard work!

For more information on how to cite, please read the documentation for Help:Cite.

Community Guidelines

The Community Guidelines encompass both the Genshin Impact Discussions section and the Comments section of the site. In addition to the topics above, please comprehensively read the following guidelines.


Be nice and treat people with respect. Keep discussions civil and be open-minded about differing opinions. Posts that express criticisms are allowed; posts that deliberately incur flame wars are strictly prohibited and will be deleted. Posts that express disagreements of a user are allowed; posts that berate or insult a user in said disagreement is strictly prohibited.

Please refrain from using profanity on the site. If your post or comment is found to have used an unnecessary amount of profanity, the post or comment in question is subject to be edited or deleted, and the user will be warned.

If someone is making disrespectful comments towards you or other users, please use the report function and one of the Content Moderators will take a look at the offending post. Engaging in flame wars with other users is highly discouraged and will likely warrant both of you receiving a warning if you are found participating in the toxicity. User walls are not exempt to this rule and you will be warned if you are attacking someone on their user wall.

Don't make it personal, or post personal information. Wikis are meant to be a place to collaborate with others on topics that excite you. Pages meant just as an attack on someone will be removed. This includes content posted in articles and messages to other users. This includes threats towards miHoYo, the characters, or other players.


Please refrain from attacking users on their message wall, or editing their profile page in a malicious manner. If you have an issue with a certain user, please contact the administrators and moderators about the issue. Users should not attack, instigate, or incur drama with other users in the comments and discussions section.

Discussion Etiquette

When making a discussion post, please categorize the post under the topic that is the most appropriate under:

  • General: General discussion posts that do not fit under any specific category,
  • Editing Discussion: Suggestions and general discussions about the Wiki's pages can be made here.
  • Fan Art: Users can share their fan made artwork of Genshin Impact. Please note that the leaked content rule is still in effect for this category.
  • Fan Fiction: Users can share whatever fiction they have for the game so long as it is appropriate. This includes head canon, theories, and character suggestions.
  • Fan Media: Posts that consist of fan edits or Genshin Impact related memes. Please note that the leaked content rule is still in effect for this category.
  • Guides: Guides that aim to assist players in the game. Guides that are made as a joke will be deleted and the creator of the post will be warned.
  • Help: Posts that request game help which can include set building, character building, and more.

Please keep all discussions respectful and follow the site rules when engaging in any form of discussion. If there is a post that infringes on any of the rules listed on this page, report the offending post so that a Content Moderator will deal with it.

Fan Art or Fan Media that is not original content should be credited if the posted content in question is not made by the poster. If a poster is found to be posting non-original art under the guise that the art is original and made by them, the post(s) will be deleted.

Fan Media should be appropriate and should not be profane or nonsensical. Please do not spam the discussions section with posts that are essentially the same in nature (e.g. posting numerous photoshops and edits of of a character, such as putting a hat on a character). If you are adamant on sharing these photos, please compile them all in one post rather than posting them numerous times as individual posts, otherwise they are subject to immediate deletion if they are posted like spam.

In addition, please do not reply to a post that has been inactive for more than 30 days (Necroposting).


Off-topic conversations will be deleted. This includes low-effort posts that are barely Genshin Impact related. The following is a list that represents posts that are generally seen as off-topic and low-effort:

  • "What character is like this? (external link to random YouTube video)"
  • "Upvote if you agree"
  • discussion of current events and politics that are not related to Genshin Impact
  • discussion of other games or sites that are not associated with Genshin Impact
  • discussion of other users

We do allow some off-topic posts to be made, however. Below will be a list that contains posts which are not considered Genshin Impact related, but are allowed in the best interest of building the community:

  • welcome posts, introductory posts
  • meta posts

Meta posts, which act as posts that discuss subjects related to the community, are allowed as this is a collaborative community, but they are subject to be deleted if they are made to gossip or provoke drama against other users in the community. They can be posted under Editing Discussion to discuss suggestions that can be made to the discussions section or the site itself.

The wiki is not a place to discuss ethics and morality- this is more or less considered an off-topic discussion. Please do not use the site to discuss semantics behind the negative connotations of a word, or berate users over the matter. Please practice open-mindedness and assume good faith when using this site. If a user is using certain words in a malicious manner (e.g. using the word "loli" in a sexual and objectifying way rather than using it to simply describe a young-looking female character like Klee), please report the post in question and the site administrators and moderators will have a look at the offending posts.

Inappropriate Content

Pornographic content, Not Safe for Work (NSFW) content, the sexualization of Genshin Impact characters, or any form of inappropriate content is not welcome on the Wiki. Inappropriate content is defined as content that is obscene; pornographic, abusive, or offensive. The judgment that defines a thread or post as inappropriate is reserved to the discretion of administrators and moderators. Below will be a non-exhaustive list that include examples of what we commonly consider inappropriate content:

  • content that portrays characters in an inappropriate or not safe for work manner
  • content that contains hate speech, such as racism, sexism, or content that is overtly offensive
  • content that contains shocking content, such as gore or is gory in nature
  • content that contains an excessive or unnecessary amount of profanities
  • content that contains photo epileptic or excessively loud and distorted audio
  • content that contains or includes links or downloads to malware or malicious code
  • content that aims to exploit and deceive other users on the site, such as scams

Users that are found to be posting borderline inappropriate content are subject to be immediately blocked without appeal.

"Thirst" comments, kissing and barking, and any comments that entail any sort of sexual acts towards the characters are strictly prohibited. The following list includes, but is not limited to, comments that infringe on these rules:

  • "Please step on me"
  • "Nice boobs/thighs"
  • "you find as he'll, i won't you"
  • nonsensical comments (gibberish, spam)

Otherwise, any other comments that compliment a character's appearance in a non-sexual and appropriate manner are allowed.

The act of "shipping" is discouraged on this wiki. If you want to share your head canon between two characters, please refer yourself to the Shipping Wiki ( where it is more thematically appropriate.

Leaked Content

The following list contains all content that is considered leaked, and therefore prohibited:

  • any screenshot or video that contains leaked content, such as 3D model renders of unreleased characters, weapons, or unreleased character icons
  • the mention of an unreleased character's name that has not been announced in any form of official media or writing
  • the disclosure of the element type, weapon type, or faction of any unreleased character that cannot be known through the means of official media or writing- speculation is okay
  • the disclosure of stats of a weapon or skill that cannot be known through the means of official media or writing- speculation is okay
  • the disclosure of featured banner units or the details of an upcoming banner- speculation is okay
  • the disclosure of content that comes with unreleased version updates unless announced ahead of time- speculation is okay
  • any external link that provides leaked information that infringes upon any of the rules listed above

User Accounts

Threads and posts that solicit account sharing or selling of your Genshin Impact account are strictly prohibited. This includes any comments or posts that may severely jeopardize the confidentiality of an account or a user, such as an e-mail or a password. In addition, any comments or posts that otherwise include personally identifiable information is strictly prohibited.


This Wiki is primarily intended for use with the English language, and as such, posts or comments that are not in English will be deleted. Please use our regional navigation located above the "Share" button on the top right of the page to switch to your respective language if you wish to contribute in your native language!

User Drama

The discussion and mention of banned users within the community, or "drama" within the Genshin Impact Fandom is strictly prohibited. Users that provoke or instigate drama will not be tolerated. Any comments or posts that are specifically made to gossip about Genshin Impact content creators, influencers, Twitter users and other Fandom communities are not allowed.


The impersonation of other users or famous people will not be tolerated. If you have been banned and return on a new account, your posts will be deleted and your new account(s) will be banned.

Spam and Trolling

Wikis are a great place to build content on a specific topic, not a place to spam links to your latest product or to post non-relevant material. Spam will be removed, so please don't add it to begin with. Users are allowed to post Genshin Impact related videos on the comment page, provided these videos are not spammed throughout various pages.

Examples of spamming include, but are not limited to the following:

  • excessive repetition of a given line or sentence (e.g. "manifesting venti 😀 manifesting venti 😀 manifesting venti 😀 manifesting venti 😀")
  • flooding of a comment section or the discussion section (holding down enter and causing people to scroll down past blank lines)
  • intentionally creating blank posts
  • excessive emoji spam or nonsensical emoji spam
  • low effort comments that contain only one word
  • low quality comments that contain gibberish in them
  • ASCII spam
  • copypasta

In addition to regular forms of spam, comments that specifically berate a certain character throughout various pages are not allowed. Users are allowed to express distaste over a character, but are not allowed to spam the same type of message repeatedly on different pages (e.g. "[Character] sucks so much, I'm really glad I pulled this character over [Character]." in conjunction with "Man, [Character] fans simp for this character so much. They're simply overrated, there are so much better units than [Character]."). Accounts that exist solely to post negative comments for the sole purpose of inciting angry responses will be seen no different than accounts that engage in spamming and trolling.

Trolling can be considered as the act of inciting flame wars, maliciously infuriating or annoying other users on the site, creating discussions that are intentionally made to bait responses, and users that are intentionally deviating from common sense. Trolling of any form is not tolerated on this site, and will be dealt with accordingly.


Warnings and Blocks

Users that have been found to have broken these rules will receive a warning issued onto their Message Wall for breaking the rules. In some instances, a user will be immediately blocked depending on the severity of the rule they have broken. Blocks will be placed for users who are found to have ignored warnings issued to them, or blocks will be placed for users that are otherwise being disruptive and problematic to the site and its users. If a user returns from a block and they are found to be violating any of the rules written here again, there will be zero tolerance over their actions.

Please note that warnings should not be taken personally- they are meant to notify and deal with a user after they have broken a rule, as well as providing a means for Administrators and Content Moderators to keep an infraction count of a user. Attempting to delete warnings issued on your wall will not work as a method to bypass infractions, as Administrators and Content Moderators are able to see deleted messages and comments.

If a user is suspected or found to be under the age of 13, their account will be globally blocked by FANDOM out of precautionary measures in regards to the FANDOM terms of use.

By following these rules and guidelines, you also agree to follow the guidelines defined under the FANDOM terms of use.

Circumventing Blocks

Users should not create additional accounts in order to circumvent blocks issued locally or globally on Fandom.