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Ganyu can be invited as a Companion into your Serenitea Pot after obtaining her and completing the World Quest Idle Teapot Talk.

Favorite Furnishing Sets

If a character's favorite furnishing set is placed in the same realm as the character for the first time, the character will automatically teleport to the furnishing set. Interacting with the character will initiate a special dialogue, after which the character will teleport back to their original position. Ganyu has 2 Favorite Furnishing Sets:

Furnishing Set Image Rewards
Cloudy Haze Dream-Court Furnishing Set Cloudy Haze Dream-Court Display.png
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora
Gathering of Gourmets Furnishing Set Gathering of Gourmets Display.png
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora

Idle Quotes

  • "Time for work..."
  • "Liyue..."
  • "My contract..."
  • "I can't rest yet..."
  • "The plants here..."

When the player is nearby:

  • "Any outstanding work?"
  • "Hello."


Ganyu: Hello, (Traveler).
Ganyu: If you have any outstanding work, feel free to delegate to me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How do you like it here?
Ganyu: I think it's beautiful here.
Ganyu: It must have been quite an undertaking to decorate such a large space. Thank you for all your efforts.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Don't mention it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png As long as you like it.
Ganyu: In my spare time, I particularly enjoy taking strolls outside. It's so quiet and peaceful.
Ganyu: Even at midday, it's perfectly safe to take a nap.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yes, you definitely don't need to worry about safety here...
Ganyu: Agreed! So I really do like it here.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Take care to not catch a cold...
Ganyu: Please don't worry, I've slept like this every day for at least a thousand years.
Ganyu: Anyway, um... Thanks so much, once again!
(Unlocks at Friendship Level 4)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Would you like to have a chat with me?
Ganyu: Sure... but I may not be able to offer any practical advice if our topic of discussion is not work-related.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I just meant small talk.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Don't worry about that.
Ganyu: Oh, a—alright...
Ganyu: You know, I used to agonize a lot over whether to try and integrate into human society.
Ganyu: When our workload is light, my coworkers sometimes organize social events.
Ganyu: But my strict vegetarian diet is completely different from everyone else's. And I don't really share their interest in shopping or lively forms of entertainment.
Ganyu: Sometimes they can be quite critical... People say that my whole mindset is just fundamentally different from an ordinary person's...
Ganyu: But what can I do? It's hard to change your habits when they've been that way for thousands of years...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'll think of a social activity that you would find easier to accept.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I can go with you and help you slowly get accustomed.
Ganyu: Then it would only be proper for me to offer you something in return! Shall I take you out... for a meal? In a restaurant?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We're friends, so there's no need for all that formality.
Ganyu: Ahh... Okay... Duly noted!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Sounds good, I'll take the opportunity to share more knowledge with you.
Ganyu: ...Great, with your help, I'm sure I'll be able to integrate into human society in no time.
(Unlocks at Friendship Level 7)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Anything you'd like to do?
Ganyu: I thought maybe we could plant some flowers together. Or some other plants, like... vegetables...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You must be good at gardening, huh?
Ganyu: Yes, indeed... You could say it's my greatest hobby... aside from work.
Ganyu: Though in the past, I've been reluctant to grow vegetables... I always worried that I wouldn't be able to control my appetite and I'd end up eating them all in one sitting...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I've never seen you grow vegetables before.
Ganyu: That's because... I've always feared I wouldn't be able to control my appetite, and that I'd end up eating all the vegetables I grew in one sitting...
Ganyu: But I'm sure that if I grow them together with you, I'll definitely be able to control myself!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Even if you did eat them all, it wouldn't be such a big deal.
Ganyu: No, uh... you don't understand, I...
Ganyu: I—I put on weight very easily, and...
Ganyu: If my appearance changed, then perhaps... I—I mean, the way people see me — well, the way you see me...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...Would remain unchanged.
Ganyu: Oh! Uh...
Ganyu: Still, I... I think it would be best to share them with you. You know, first rule of gardening — grow together, eat together!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'll eat them with you, then.
Ganyu: Great! And, uh... you'll help me plant them too, right...? First rule of gardening — grow together, eat together!
Ganyu: ...Anyway! I'll go, uh... fetch some seeds. I'll make sure they're the very best.
(Between 6:00 and 19:00)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Good morning, Ganyu.
Ganyu: Where are you off to today, is it far? My schedule is actually free right now.
Ganyu: Whether it's an ad-hoc assignment or any other task, I'm free to assist...
Ganyu: Oh...! I forgot to say... good morning, (Traveler)!
(Between 19:00 and 6:00)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Good night, Ganyu.
Ganyu: Good night to you as well, (Traveler).
Ganyu: For once, I don't need to work overtime at night... Huh... what a strange feeling...

Special Dialogue

When a character is invited to or invites themselves to their favorite set for the first time, the character will provide a reward. They will provide a reward for each of their favorite sets.

Inviting them to the furnishing set again will replay the dialogue, but no further reward will be given.

Cloudy Haze Dream-Court

Ganyu: A big bed and soft pillow, appropriate lighting, and even a miniature tree for embellishment...
Ganyu: One can certainly rest well in a room like this.
Ganyu: I will try to finish all of my work before the sun comes up, and then... have a good sleep.

Gathering of Gourmets

Ganyu: That smell... the fragrance of true Liyue cuisine.
Ganyu: Ahem... you must have put a lot of effort into finding these blueprints for Rain Calmer, yes?
Ganyu: Your liking for Liyue also signifies your approval of my work... Thank you.

Change History

Released in Version 1.6