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Gambler is an Artifact Set available at 3-star and 4-star rarities which can be obtained from Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern and Peak of Vindagnyr.



Item Gambler's Brooch.png Gambler's Brooch

A big, luxurious flower that can hide a loaded dice.

Gamblers like to flaunt their wealth, although their money can disappear overnight.
She would wear this huge, exotic flower ornament on her ears.
It certainly catches the eye.
But what they would not see is the trick dice carefully hidden within the flower.
The gambler would only sneak this dice out of the brooch in an urgent situation.
Swapping in this dice under the vigilant eyes of the guests was how she turned the table around.

Item Gambler's Feather Accessory.png Gambler's Feather Accessory

The tail feather of a large bird. Perfect for discretely concealing a trump card.

This colorful feather served to decorate a gambler's hat. Its flamboyance disgusts true aristocrats.
But what the aristocrats do not see is the delicate mechanism hidden beneath the surface.
When the time comes, the gambler subtly swaps in a hidden, game-changing card.
Upon seeing this card, the disdain and condescension on the aristocrats' faces would instantly give way to sheer shock.

Item Gambler's Pocket Watch.png Gambler's Pocket Watch

A shattered pocket watch that once took a lethal hit for its owner.

Perfect timing is necessary for the gambler's trick to work.
That's why she always had this golden pocket watch in her breast pocket.
In countless games, there was always that crucial moment when her sensitive perception of time saved her.

Item Gambler's Dice Cup.png Gambler's Dice Cup

This vessel was specially made for a single purpose. It has absolutely no secret compartments built into it.

Every gambler is superstitious to some degree. Many are very fond of custom-made dice cups, for instance.
This was her custom-made dice cup. Despite what one might expect, there was nothing dishonest about it. It had no hidden mechanisms.
Fate only decides half of one's dice rolls. The other half are decided by oneself.
And yet, she never rolled the dice away from the gambling table.

Item Gambler's Earrings.png Gambler's Earrings

A pair of blue earrings that, when worn, calm the mind and encourage a rational assessment of risks.

These ostentatious earrings are the perfect representation of the gambler's transient wealth.
The glimmer of the gem is just as soothing as the sky and the lake.
The earrings would be coated with a mildly sedative substance to keep the gambler calm in the game.
In games where one gambles with life and death, remaining calm and composed is the key to winning.

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