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Fury or Rage is a mechanic that grants enemies new abilities after a gauge is filled up.


Common Enemies

Elite Enemies

Normal Bosses

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Other Enemies



Specters have a rage bar that fills based on the amount of damage inflicted from a single hit, this amount varying based on the specter's level. As it fills, the specter becomes larger and angrier. When completely filled, they begin using new attacks and have their Final Burst attack enhanced.


Riftwolves have a rage bar that fills when they are struck with an elemental attack of their affinity - e.g. hitting a Rockfond Rifthound with Geo causes it to accumulate rage. If the bar is completely filled, the meter completely disappears and the riftwolf enters its Devourer state. This can be easily seen with their elementally colored parts glowing brighter. In this state, the riftwolf's attacks are enhanced but their elemental resistance of their affinity significantly drops.

Pyro Hypostasis

The Pyro Hypostasis has a rage bar that appears whenever it is extinguished. At periodic intervals during the fight, it will conjure three Flame Seeds to reaccumulate rage. Destroying these seeds lowers the amount of rage it can accumulate. If the rage bar fills, the Pyro Hypostasis returns into its ignited state.

Thunder Manifestation

The Thunder Manifestation has a rage bar present at all times during the fight. It possesses two simple attacks in its non-enraged state – thunder pylons and a burst attack. If the player steps within range of an active pylon, the manifestation slowly gains rage stacks, but these will dissipate if the player steps out of their radius. Getting hit by the burst attack will immediately fill the bar to full. The bar automatically fills to full if it reaches 75% of its health and has not been enraged yet.

The enrage state lasts permanently and a lock-on icon will appear on the player's characters as an indicator it is fully enraged. In this state, the Thunder Manifestation uses devastating attacks that deal rapid or massive damage (or a combination of both) if not dodged.

Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto

The boss fight with the Shogun involves a form of Fury named "Ominous Destiny." She gains Ominous Destiny over time and will gain more upon landing hits on player characters. If the meter becomes completely full, the Shogun will immediately enter her "Baleful Shadowlord" state, using a different set of attacks and gains an Electro shield that significantly reduces incoming damage.




Change History

Released in Version 1.6
Version 2.0
  • Fury was released for enemies.

Version 1.6

  • Fury was released in the event Kaboomball Kombat.