The Frostbearing Tree is a landmark in Dragonspine, functioning similarly to Statue of The Seven.


The Frostbearing Tree is an ancient tree that tends to this snowy mountain.

The ancient tree that should have slumbered forever under the ice and snow has sprouted scarlet sprouts anew. Offer Crimson Agates scattered all over Dragonspine to this tree, and you may obtain rich rewards in return...[1]

As the seal is removed, the Frostbearing Tree on Dragonspine awakens and crimson sprouts appear. Collect and offer the tree the nutrition it hungers for, and receive ample rewards in return.[2]


While exploring Dragonspine, Travelers will sometimes stumble upon crystalline Crimson Agate, which can be offered to the Frostbearing Tree. Doing so will level up the Frostbearing Tree, granting Travelers various rewards that include Acquaint Fates, Intertwined Fates, a wind glider, as well as Gadget blueprints.[3]

Frostbearing Tree Offerings

Level Crimson Agate Quantity [subtotal]
1 10 [10]
2 10 [20]
3 10 [30]
4 10 [40]
5 10 [50]
6 10 [60]
7 10 [70]
8 10 [80]
9 10 [90]
10 10 [100]
11 10 [110]
12 Your offerings have been acknowledged

The Frostbearing Tree starts off at Level 1 and Rewards can immediately be claimed. Each time, you must offer 10 Crimson Agates. Reaching level 8 unlocks the Crimson Wish.

Frostbearing Tree Rewards

Each level has a specific reward and provides:

Item Mora.png 50,000 Mora
  • Level 1-4
    Level Rewards
  • Level 5-8
    Level Rewards
  • Level 9-12
    Level Rewards

Crimson Agate

Item Crimson Agate.png

Only 80 Crimson Agates can be found in Dragonspine. They are obtained by finding them in the open world, chests, and after defeating some Time Trial Challenges. Others can be found by revealing certain secrets.

The 80th Crimson Agate is obtained by feeding the foxes from the Lost in the Snow world quest. After feeding the foxes for 5 days a Precious Chest will appear on the 6th day, Travelers will receive a Crimson Agate and earn the hidden Untellable Tale achievement upon opening the chest.

Travelers may complete Crimson Wish quests to obtain more Crimson Agates to offer to the Frostbearing Tree.

Crimson Wish

In addition to the rewards listed above, once the Frostbearing Tree has reached Lv. 8, Travelers will also unlock Crimson Wish. Five new Crimson Wish quests will become available every Monday and Friday, which can be completed to receive Crimson Agate.

Crimson Wish will no longer refresh once the Frostbearing Tree has reached its max level.[3]


Change History

Released in Version 1.2
Version 1.2
  • Frostbearing Tree was released.



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