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The Frog is a type of crafting component primarily used in offensive elemental alchemy. They can be found in the wild near bodies of fresh water, and come in different varieties. All varieties are simplified into the same type of component.

  • Frog
  • Blue Frog (Springvale)
  • Mud Frog (Minlin?)

Craft Usage

Name Image Craft Type Amount
Flaming Essential Oil Item Flaming Essential Oil.png Crafting 1
Streaming Essential Oil Item Streaming Essential Oil.png Crafting 1
Shocking Essential Oil Item Shocking Essential Oil.png Crafting 1
Unmoving Essential Oil Item Unmoving Essential Oil.png Crafting 1
Straight Shooter Item Straight Shooter.png Crafting 1


A small frog that often appears in wetlands.
These animals are very common in wetland areas, and its body secretes a mysterious sticky substance that has much medicinal utility.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0