Friendship Level is the progression of a character's bond with the Traveler. This progress bar is raised by obtaining Companionship EXP. All Characters in the Party gain the shown amount equally, removing or adding Characters to the Party does not give the other Characters more or less EXP.

Friendship Levels are primarily used to unlock character stories, voice-overs and character namecards.

Friendship Levels

  1. Starting Friendship Level
  2. Unlocks the character's first Character Story (under their Profile), as well as their second expression in Photo Mode. Their "More about (Character) - I" voice-over line is also usually unlocked.
  3. Unlocks their second Character Story.
  4. Unlocks their third Character Story and, usually, their Bonus story (each character's Bonus story has a unique title). Also unlocks most voice-over lines about other characters, as well as their third expression in Photo Mode.
  5. Unlocks their fourth Character Story.
  6. All Character Stories unlocked. All voice-over lines besides Ascension-related ones and ones with special unlock prerequisites are also unlocked at this point.
  7. Unlocks an additional dialogue option when character is placed in Serenitea Pot.
  8. No additional unlocks
  9. No additional unlocks
  10. Unlocks a Namecard for that character and progresses the Hitherto Unknown achievement.

Raising Friendship Levels

Companionship EXP can be gained through the following methods:

Note: The EXP given for some of these methods is based on your Adventure Rank, can be doubled in Co-op Mode, and is only earned by the characters on the active party, excluding the Traveler or any characters already at Friendship Level 10.

Companionship EXP Required

Level EXP to Next Total
1 1,000 0
2 1,550 1,000
3 2,050 2,550
4 2,600 4,600
5 3,175 7,200
6 3,750 10,375
7 4,350 14,125
8 4,975 18,475
9 5,650 23,450
10 MAX 29,100


Character Namecard Claimable at Friendship Level 10


  • As of Version 1.5, when the active character in your party reaches a friendship level that unlocks voicelines, they will say one of their newly unlocked lines, such as their "More About (Character)" line.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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