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The Four Winds are four entities that the Anemo Archon, Barbatos, entrusted the safety and protection of Mondstadt to before he disappeared a thousand years ago. They consist of the Wolf of the North, the Lion of the South, the Dragon of the East, and the Falcon of the West.[1][2]


As the four seasons in turn shall say their piece, so the four winds too shall never cease.

The Four Winds were officially established after Vennessa's rebellion against the Mondstadt Aristocracy a thousand years ago, Mondstadt's second liberation from tyranny, and the establishment of the Knights of Favonius.[1] For roughly five hundred years, the people of Mondstadt worshipped the Four Winds and built temples dedicated to them.[3]

However, after the cataclysm, the worship of the Four Winds fell into decline, the temples were abandoned, and the people of Mondstadt eventually forgot about them almost entirely.[2] As a result, conflicting information exists as to who exactly bears the titles of the Four Winds.

Dragon of the East

Dvalin, the Dragon of the East, is one of Barbatos' oldest allies and has been worshipped the longest out of the Four Winds.[2] Although elemental dragons and gods have had a long history of conflict, Barbatos and Dvalin became friends after Barbatos taught his people not to fear Dvalin and taught the dragon human speech.[4]

However, during the cataclysm five hundred years ago, Dvalin was badly injured from his battle against the demonic dragon Durin. He fell into slumber for five hundred years, only to awaken to a Mondstadt that had forgotten him and feared him. Believing himself abandoned by those he was sworn to protect, Dvalin rejected his position as Dragon of the East[5] and began attacking Mondstadt, leading the people of Mondstadt to call him "Stormterror."[2] Eventually, a group comprised of the Traveler, Paimon, Diluc, Jean, and Venti (Barbatos' mortal form) was able to save Dvalin from the Abyss Order's manipulations and clear up the misunderstanding between Mondstadt and the Dragon. While Dvalin no longer sees himself as one of the Four Winds, it seems that the people of Mondstadt have resumed their belief in him.[6]

While no Temple of the Dragon can be found in-game and Jean does not have the Knights of Favonius inspect Dvalin's respective temple, Diluc mentions an "East Temple of the Four Winds" when he relates a story about how the Fatui are seeking traces of Barbatos' power.[7]

Wolf of the North

The title of Wolf of the North has two possible bearers. The first is Lupus Boreas Andrius, the former God of Blizzards and King of the North Wind who now resides as a spirit in Wolvendom. Despite being long dead, his immense power allows him to manifest a temporary physical form composed of snow and ice for those who attempt his Wolf of the North Challenge. In Character Tales - "Venti: The Four Winds," Andrius is depicted as the Wolf of the North.[1]

However, according to Breeze Amidst the Forest Supplement: The Dragon Tome, the title of Wolf of the North is given to the current title-bearer of the Knight of Boreas. Potential leaders of the Knights of Favonius are bestowed with either the title of "Lion" or "Wolf,"[8] although it is unclear if this tradition also designates the title-bearers of the Four Winds or whether the "Wolf" is necessarily the Knight of Boreas.

The Temple of the Wolf is located near the Thousand Winds Temple in Starfell Valley. It was originally a training ground.[3] At some point, Andrius and his wolves moved westward and settled in Wolvendom.

Lion of the South

The Lion of the South is a unique position among the Four Winds, in that it is passed along down between the Grand Masters (and Acting Grand Masters) of the Knights of Favonius through the title of "Dandelion Knight" or "Lionfang Knight."[2][9]

However, Favonius Sword's description states Grand Masters may bear the title of "Wolf" instead of "Lion," which puts the above information in question. It is also possible that the "Wolf" tradition became obsolete in the past five hundred years, and now only the "Lion" title is passed down to leaders of the Knights of Favonius.

It is said that dandelions represent the blessings of the Lion of the South.[10]

The Temple of the Lion is located along Falcon Coast in Galesong Hill.

Falcon of the West

The title of Falcon of the West also has conflicting accounts as to who exactly holds it. Common belief is that after Vennessa ascended to Celestia, she became the Falcon of the West.[11][12] In addition, even a vague, cryptic comment from Dainsleif, the only character in-game who mentions the Falcon of the West, suggests that the current Falcon of the West is Vennessa.[13] However, according to Breeze Amidst the Forest, the entire Knights of Favonius are collectively the "Falcon."

The Temple of the Falcon is located at Windrise in Galesong Hill, between the City of Mondstadt and the massive oak tree where Vennessa is said to have ascended to godhood.


Because in-game sources conflict about the holders of the title, all possible title-bearers of the Four Winds have been listed. The current title-bearer's name is italicized.

Title Source
Venti: The Four Winds Breeze Amidst the Forest Other
Wolf of the North Andrius The Knight of Boreas
(Ravenwood, wielder of Wolf's Gravestone, Varka)
Lion of the South Vennessa The Lionfang Knight
(Vennessa, Arundolyn,[8] Jean[9])
(Acting) Grand Masters of the Knights of Favonius
(Vennessa, Arundolyn,[15] Varka, Jean[9])
Dragon of the East Dvalin Dvalin Dvalin (formerly)[5][16][Note 1]
Falcon of the West (Not depicted) Knights of Favonius Vennessa[11][12][13]


  1. In Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown, Barbara acknowledges Dvalin as one of the Four Winds. However, this doesn't necessarily mean he has reclaimed his title, as it could simply be Barbara's surprise that Venti could summon such an important figure.


  • Three Temples of the Winds are featured in the Archon Quests during the Prologue Chapter Act I:
    • Winds of the Past, which takes place inside the Temple of the Falcon, featuring the Pyro character Amber.
    • Crash Course, which takes place inside the Temple of the Wolf, featuring the Cryo character Kaeya.
    • Sparks Amongst the Pages, which takes place inside the Temple of the Lion, featuring the Electro character Lisa.
    • It is unknown what happened to the Temple of the Dragon, but it existed 6 months before the start of the game, as it is known that a thief stole a vial with the Anemo God's breath from the "East Temple of the Four Winds."[7]
  • The Four Winds are represented in Mondstadt with symbols on roughly each associated side of the city:
    • The Lion of the South symbol is above the main gate of the city, likely both due to being the furthest south point of the city and to represent the defense of Mondstadt.
    • The Wolf of the North symbol is on the stairs leading up to the Mondstadt Cathedral, which is the furthest north location in the city.
    • The Dragon of the East symbol is above the side entrance to Mondstadt, which is the furthest east side of the city.
    • The Falcon of the West symbol is featured on both sides of the entrance to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters, both due to being on the western side of the city and due to Vennessa founding the knights.
  • The official English translation of the manga translated the "Lionfang Knight" as the "Liontooth Knight."
  • At the end of the Prologue, Act III: Song of the Dragon and Freedom, Ending Note, Venti offers the Traveler to become one of the Four Winds once they find their sibling.
  • Despite its English name Falcon of the West, the symbol of the "falcon" closely resembles an eagle. This may be because the term yīng (鹰) in the original Chinese version can mean a falcon in its broad sense but in reality it usually means Accipitridae (a family of birds that include eagles and hawks). See Vennessa#Trivia for details of the translation.


  • The Four Winds are based on the Roman Venti (Latin: Winds), which themselves were adapted from the Greek Anemoi.
    • Boreas is the North Wind. Interestingly, Boreas uses his original Greek name rather than his Roman counterpart's, which is Aquilo.
    • Favonius is the West Wind; its Greek counterpart is Zephyrus. The Knights of Favonius naturally derives its name from the Roman version.
    • Auster (Roman) or Notus (Greek) is the South Wind. Neither name comes up in relation to Teyvat's Four Winds.
    • Eurus (both Greek and Roman) is the East Wind. Like the South Wind, this name does not come up in relation to Teyvat's Four Winds.
  • The "Lionfang Knight" and "Dandelion Knight" titles translate into the same German phrase, "Löwenzahnritter."
    • The English word "dandelion" comes from French dent-de-lion "lion's tooth, fang."


Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Four Winds
Sìfēng Shǒuhù
Four Wind Guardians
Sìfēng Shǒuhù
Japanese ふうしゅ
Shifuu Shugo[17]
Four Wind Guardians
Korean 바람 사신수
Baram Sasinsu
Four God-Guardians of the Wind
Spanish Cuatro VientosFour Winds
French Quatre VentsFour Winds
Russian Хранители четырёх ветров
Khraniteli chetyryokh vetrov
Thai สี่วายุ
Si Wayu
Four Winds
Vietnamese Tứ Phong Thủ HộFour Wind Guardians
German Vier WindeFour Winds
Indonesian Four Winds
Portuguese Quatro VentosFour Winds


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