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Fort Mumei (Japanese: めいとりで Mumei Toride) is a subarea in Yashiori Island, Inazuma.

Lost Text

There is a Lost Text located southeast of Fort Mumei.

Handy Notepad

There is a Handy Notepad hidden on a rock at the center of Fort Mumei.

Handy Notepad: "I'm the only one left from my team. I've dedided not to go back."
Handy Notepad: "...Miss Mochizuki, you know-it-all, how i wish you could witness the scenery of this unknown world..."
Handy Notepad: "...The things that you didn't know, the things that you were loath to believe, they are all here, shining..."
Handy Notepad: "...I'm sorry, Miss Mochizuki, I'm so sorry. I can't relate this to you in person....."
Handy Notepad: "...It's cold here. too cold..."
Handy Notepad: "...'He' is cold too..."
Handy Notepad: "...I'm sorry..."



  • Mumei (Japanese: めい), also read mumyou (Japanese: みょう), is the Japanese translation of avidyā; a Sanskrit word meaning ignorance or unenlightenment.
    • When written with different kanji, mumei can also mean "nameless" or "unknown". (Japanese: めい)

Change History

Released in Version 2.0