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Fort Fujitou (Japanese: 藤兜砦) is a location in Yashiori Island, Inazuma. A Watatsumi Army camp can be found at this location.

Notable Features

Points of Interest

Narukami Pillar

A Narukami Pillar can be found right along the road between Fort Fujitou and Musoujin Gorge. Kaji, who gives the Orobashi's Legacy quest series, can be found nearby until the quest series is completed.

(Before starting Orobashi's Legacy)
Observe: The strangely-shaped stone lantern seems to be emitting an ominous energy.
Paimon: This stone lantern is so strange... It's so creepy.
Paimon: Oh, what's that written on the light post?
Observe: "Travelers passing through: if you have any questions about this ward, please go to the Musoujin Gorge and talk to Mr. Kaji about it."
Observe: The handwriting looks very recent, and there are a few lines of smaller handwriting below, which have been eroded by the rain:
Observe: "Please tell Mr. Kaji we've tried... But unfortunately... Maybe he can find it somewhere nearby..."
Observe: "Please tell Mr. Kaji to come to the refuge as soon as possible. He's dearly missed by his family."
Paimon: This Mr. Kaji seems to be pretty concerned about these stone lanterns. Why don't we go to Musoujin Gorge and ask him?

Garrison Log Fragment

Garrison Log Fragment: It's sunny and the sea breeze is refreshing...
Garrison Log Fragment: ...How unfortunate, then, that we're stationed out in the middle of stinking nowhere! Apparently, the transfer was made at the request of Lady Yae Miko. Still, we are the samurai of the Tenryou Commission, after all, not the Grand Shrine's guards! Lady Miko may have greater seniority than our Lord Kujou, but such behavior is still quite unreasonable...
Garrison Log Fragment: ...That said, the new equipment is quite good. And this notebook is waterproof...
Garrison Log Fragment: ...
Garrison Log Fragment: ...It's cloudy today and the rain is imminent...
Garrison Log Fragment: ...The onmyouji from Narukami Island conducted a routine maintenance ceremony. Before they left, they gave us many Sakura Mochi as a gift. They're of Kamisato Clan make, I believe. Most delicious...
Garrison Log Fragment: ...Sanboushi's at that age where his teeth are growing out, isn't he? I'd really love to make some desserts for him, but I wonder if it's too late for me to learn...
Garrison Log Fragment: ...Heita said that he's discovered some abnormal movements on the western beach, and that it might be Kairagi. The Sangonomiya are so weak — how can they just let pirates run amok on the western sea? They may have been getting along well all this time, but they shouldn't be so complacent...
Garrison Log Fragment: ...
Garrison Log Fragment: ...
Garrison Log Fragment: ...Thunderstorm...
Garrison Log Fragment: ...It's been raining heavily today for some reason. There's thunder and lightning everywhere. We can hardly tell whether it is day or night...
Garrison Log Fragment: ...A faint, sad voice can be dimly heard in the thunder. Scary...
Garrison Log Fragment: Old Man Hachino said this is happening because the Ogosho is enraged. What nonsense. Inazuma is a peaceful place. What reason would the Ogosho have to be angry?
Garrison Log Fragment: ...We can't find Heita anywhere. Once this storm is over, he shall have to be punished...
Garrison Log Fragment: ...We can see strange flames amidst the rain...
Garrison Log Fragment: (The contents end here)


Quest Only

Other Interactables

Lost Text

There is a Lost Text located northwest of Fort Fujitou.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Fort Fujitou
Chinese reading of Japanese name
Japanese 藤兜砦
Wisteria Helmet Fort
Korean 후지토 요새
Hujito Yosae
Fujito Fortress
Spanish Bastión Fujitou Fujitou Bastion
French Fort Fujitou
Russian Форт Фудзито
Fort Fudzito
Thai Fort Fujitou
Vietnamese Pháo Đài Fujitou Fort Fujitou
German Fujitou-Festung Fort Fujitou
Indonesian Fort Fujitou
Portuguese Forte Fujitou Fort Fujitou


Change History

Released in Version 2.0