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Formation Estate is a One-Time Domain in Inazuma. It contains the single level Tutelage: King of Thieves.

Unlocking the Domain

In order to access this Domain, the player must have completed Orobashi's Legacy: Part III, in order to stop the permanent lightning storm in the area.
The player must then light the sconces in the order that the Seelie travels by using Pyro.

Video Guides

Unlocking Formation Estate Guide
Unlocking Formation Estate Guide


Once a samurai residence, now occupied by bandits. Purge the evildoers from within this place.
Tutelage: King of Thieves

After defeating the enemies one Precious Chest will spawn.

First Time Completion Rewards

Item Mora.png 30,000 Mora



  • The name of the level in the original Chinese version translates to Tutelage: Pavilion of Akuou ("Evil King") (Chinese: 稽古・恶王亭 Jīgǔ Èwáng-tíng).

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Formation Estate
Zhèndài Wūfū
Chinese reading of Japanese name
Zhèndài Wūfū
Japanese 陣代屋敷
Jindai Yashiki
Acting General's Estate
Korean 진다이의 저택
Jindai-ui Jeotaek
Jindai's Residence
Spanish Residencia de la formación
French Domaine de formationFormation Estate
Russian Поместье формации
Pomest'ye formatsii
Thai ที่พำนักแดนทมิฬ
Thi pham nak dae not min
Vietnamese Dinh Thự Lâu ĐờiOld Mansion
German Formations-Anwesen
Indonesian Formation Estate
Portuguese Propriedade de Formação

Change History

Released in Version 2.0