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Hundreds of years have passed, and the world is once again at peace. This forest of blades stands as testament to the song of clashing swords, the battle-hymns of warriors, the thundering footfalls of monsters, and the crimson sky, as red as blood.

Forgotten Sword Cemetery Viewpoint

Forgotten Sword Cemetery is an important location within Dadaupa Gorge, which witnessed the battle against the monsters of Khaenri'ah. It is protected by three layers of seal, which can be broken by activating three Elemental Monuments around Dadaupa Gorge's Hilichurl camps. It is related to the Break the Sword Cemetery Seal World Quest.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishForgotten Sword Cemetery
Wèimíng de Jiànzhǒng
Unnamed Sword Cemetery
Wèimíng de Jiànzhǒng
Mumei no Tsurugi-dzuka[!]
Nameless Sword Mound
Korean이름없는 검무덤
SpanishCementerio de Espadas sin nombreNameless Swords Cemetery
FrenchCimetière d'épées oubliéForgotten Cemetery of Swords
RussianБезымянное кладбище мечей
Bezymyannoye kladbishche mechey
VietnameseĐồi Kiếm Không Tên
GermanEin namenloses SchwertergrabAn Unnamed Sword Cemetery
IndonesianMakam Pedang yang TerlupakanForgotten Sword Cemetery
PortugueseCemitério das Espadas sem NomeNameless Swords Cemetery

Change History

Released in Version 1.0