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Forest Rendezvous is the third part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Prologue: Act I - The Outlander Who Caught the Wind.


  1. Go to Mondstadt
  2. Advance to the heart of the forest
  3. Investigate what Paimon has found
  4. Talk to Paimon


UI Quest.png Quest Description

Unexpectedly, the power of Anemo within the Statue of the Seven resonated with you. You decided to begin your investigation with the Anemo Archon of Teyvat's Seven Archons. As such, the first order of the day is to reach the land under the Anemo Archon's protection: Mondstadt.
(When a dragon flies above)
Paimon: Wow! What is that!?
Paimon: There's something huge, in the sky!
Paimon: It's headed towards the heart of the forest. We must proceed with caution.
(As the player enters the forest)
Paimon: Huh? Look at that!
(The Traveler see a boy talking to a dragon)
???: ...Don't be afraid.
???: ...It's alright now, I'm back.
Paimon: Is he talking... to a dragon?
Paimon: Oh?
???: Who's there!?
(A cutscene begins)
Cutscene's Travel Log summary:
In the heart of the forest, you encounter a mysterious person talking to a dragon. But the interruption sends them both fleeing in haste.

Paimon: That was close! Paimon almost got blown away!
Paimon: Luckily Paimon managed to grab hold of your hair! Thanks.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Good thing you didn't pull my hair out.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Good thing the dragon didn't notice us.
Paimon: Just what was that? Paimon thought we were gonna get eaten.
Paimon: It definitely has something to do with that weirdo who was talking to the dragon...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I can't believe dragons exist in this world...
Paimon: Yeah, Paimon gets why you're worried...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Is talking to dragons normal?
Paimon: Of course not!
Paimon: Oh? What's that?
Paimon: There's some kind of shiny red thingy on the big rock over there...
Paimon: Let's go take a closer look.
Paimon: Be careful! Paimon doesn't have a good feeling about this...
(When the player interacts with the Crimson Crystal)
Paimon: Paimon's never seen a stone like this before, so Paimon can't tell what it is.
Paimon: All Paimon knows is that it's dangerous. Best we put it away for now.
Paimon: Okay, we've got it! Now let's get out of here.
(Obtain Crimson Crystal)

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishForest Rendezvous
Línjiàn Xiānghuì
Meeting in the Forest
Línjiàn Xiānghuì
Rinkan no Deai[!]
Encounter in the Forest
Korean숲속에서의 만남
Supsog-eseo-ui Mannam
Meeting in the Forest
SpanishEncuentro en el bosqueMeeting in the Forest
FrenchRencontre sylvestreSylvan Encounter
RussianВстреча в лесу
Vstrecha v lesu
Meeting in the Forest
Phop kan nai pa
Meeting in the Forest
VietnameseCuộc Gặp Gỡ Trong Rừng
GermanTreffen im WaldMeeting in the Forest
IndonesianPertemuan di HutanMeeting in the Forest
PortugueseEncontro na FlorestaEncounter in the Forest

Change History

Released in Version 1.0