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One of the most energetic residents in Teyvat, boars are found active throughout the wild.
This wild animal is characterized by rapid reproduction and a stubborn personality. Able to survive in various conditions, it can be encountered in all sorts of forests and wild terrain. Forest Boar meat is tasty and chewy, making it a prime ingredient for many dishes. In addition, Forest Boars are even central characters in many legends told across Teyvat.
The Musk family ecologists have observed some hilichurl tribes attempting to domesticate Forest Boars, presumably hoping to train them as riding animals.

Forest Boar is a type of boar. It can be found both as Wildlife and as a pet in the Serenitea Pot.

In the wild, the boar simply wanders around grazing. When it senses or spots a player nearby, the boar will scatter, either running away or charging towards the player before fading away as they "flee" the map.

In the Serenitea Pot, boars will not be startled when you approach them, but will scatter when you try to hit them. If they run too far from where they were placed or fall off the map, they will respawn at their original location.

Outdoor animals can only be placed in outdoor spaces within the Housing system.



Physical Pyro Hydro Electro Cryo Anemo Geo
0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%

The following table describes the level scaling. Note that values may change in Co-Op, some Quests, and certain Domains. The change usually involves multiplying some of the values by a constant scale factor.

1 3 25 0
5 3 42 0
10 3 68 0
15 3 107 0
20 3 167 0
25 3 229 0
30 3 273 0
35 3 329 0
40 3 408 0
45 3 508 0
50 3 630 0
55 3 746 0
60 3 887 0
65 3 1,047 0
70 3 1,224 0
75 3 1,396 0
80 3 1,575 0
85 3 1,713 0
90 3 1,903 0
95 3 2,183 0
100 3 2,462 0

Abilities and Attacks

  • Charge: Charges towards the player, dealing 100% ATK as Physical DMG on hit.

Baby Forest Boars

Baby Forest Boars can also be encountered in the wild. Like the adult counterparts, they drop Raw Meat Raw Meat ×2. Baby Forest Boars will not attack the player.


1 Achievements match the category selection:

Achievement Category Description Primogem
Boared to Death Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Be defeated by a wild boar. 5


Other Languages

Language Official Name
English Forest Boar
Japanese イノシシ
Korean 숲멧돼지
Spanish Jabalí del bosque
French Sanglier des forêts
Russian Лесной кабан
Lesnoy kaban
Thai Forest Boar
Vietnamese Heo Rừng Hoang Dã
German Waldschwein
Indonesian Forest Boar
Portuguese Javali do Bosque

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 1.5

Version 1.3

  • Forest Boar was added to the Archive.

Version 1.0

  • Forest Boar was released.