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  • Item Sealed Scroll.png 3 Sealed Scroll
  • Item Mora.png 50 Mora
  • Creates Forbidden Curse Scroll Forbidden Curse Scroll ×1

    Craft Usage

    No recipes use this item.

    Talent Leveling Usage

    8 Characters use Forbidden Curse Scroll for leveling their talents:

    Ascension Usage

    5 Characters use Forbidden Curse Scroll for ascension:

    14 Weapons use Forbidden Curse Scroll for ascension:

    Weapon Dragon's Bane.png4★ — Dragon's Bane
    Weapon Freedom-Sworn.png5★ — Freedom-Sworn
    Weapon Hakushin Ring.png4★ — Hakushin Ring
    Weapon Rainslasher.png4★ — Rainslasher
    Weapon Recurve Bow.png3★ — Recurve Bow
    Weapon Skyward Spine.png5★ — Skyward Spine
    Weapon Wine and Song.png4★ — Wine and Song

    Video Guides

    Mondstadt Region Farm Guide
    Liyue Region Guide

    Other Languages

    Language Official Name Literal Meaning
    English Forbidden Curse Scroll
    Japanese 禁呪の絵巻
    Korean 금주의 두루마리
    Spanish Pergamino maldito
    French Parchemin mauditCursed Parchment
    Russian Свиток запретного проклятья
    Svitok zapretnogo proklyat'ya
    Forbidden Curse Scroll
    Thai Forbidden Curse Scroll
    Vietnamese Bản Vẽ Cấm Chú
    German FluchschriftrolleCurse Scroll
    Indonesian Forbidden Curse Scroll
    Portuguese Pergaminho da Maldição

    Change History

    Released in Version 1.0