For a Tomorrow Without Tears is the second act in the Prologue chapter of the Archon Quests.


  1. Shadow over Mondstadt
  2. Unexpected Encounter
  3. That Green Fellow
  4. Let the Wind Lead (Quest)
  5. Venti's Plan
  6. Venti's New Plan
  7. Wild Escape
  8. Behind the Scenes
  9. Chasing Shadows
  10. State of the Holy Lyre der Himmel
  11. While the quests beyond can generally be completed in any order you like, the way the quests are presented in this guide represent the optimal paths.
    1. Fallen Tears (Thousand Winds Temple)
    2. Hidden Tears (Eagle's Gate)
    3. Stolen Tears (Eclipse Tribe)
  12. Crystal Tears
  13. Reunion with the Dragon


After the Traveler dealt with the Temples, they come back to Mondstadt to report to Jean, who was found discussing about Stormterror with a masked figure, who is suggesting they should kill the dragon, but Jean was skeptical. After the chat was over, Jean spotted the Traveler and mentioned she was having a chat with an agent of the Fatui, diplomats from Snezhnaya.

Speaking of the dragon situation, the Traveler remembered the gem they found at the forest earlier, hoping the Favonius HQ would know. But the research (per Lisa) was cut short as the aura emitting from the gem harms Vision users. The Traveler knew the reason, but keeps silent as Jean knighted the Traveler as an Honorary Knight.

Paimon knew there was another presence when they found the gem, and subconsciously identified the boy running in the streets as the same person. Tracking his footprints, the stranger sings the song of "Stormterror", identified as Dvalin, and the reason of his rampage. The stranger, Venti recognizes the Traveler.

The Traveler wants to discuss the dragon and the gem, but it was unknowingly purified. Recognizing that the Traveler's power purified the gem, Dvalin's Teardrop Crystal. Venti hatched a plan after resting at Windrise. There, Venti explained that he was at the forest tried to purify Dvalin but the interrupted last encounter forces him to rely on a certain item.

It involves Mondstadt's special ceremonial harp "Holy Lyre der Himmel" at the Cathedral. But to acquire it, the party have to steal it at night. The plan backfires as Fatui agents raced first and stole it from under their noses. Using Venti's wind currents, they are able to escape to the tavern Angel's Share, where the owner Diluc suspects foul play and cooperate with the party.

The next night, Diluc contacts Jean for Venti's reason of the events, Venti wants to use the Lyre to purify Dvalin. And for the plan to succeed, the party locate the Lyre back and few Teardrop Crystal scattered across the region to power the Lyre.

They agreed to play the Lyre at Starsnatch Cliff, but during the reunion with Dvalin, the party is ambushed by an Abyss Mage, destroying the Lyre and enraging the dragon by lies in the process.

Jean identified Venti as Barbatos the Anemo Archon, and now they must deal with Dvalin himself. Diluc plans to trace the steps of the mage while the others plan what to do next.


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