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Post-Archon War (2000–500 years ago)

  • 2000 years ago – The Archon War comes to an end as the final divine seat in Celestia is claimed, cementing the positions of The Seven's original members.[1][2] Defeated gods who refused to live under The Seven's rule fled to islands in the Dark Sea, where they became evil gods.[3]
  • ? years ago - Under the orders of the original Hydro Archon to spread her love throughout Teyvat and connect the world through water, the Lochfolk (Oceanids) spread throughout Teyvat as her "spies."[4][5]
  • ? years ago - The original Hydro Archon dies and the God of Justice takes over. Due to differences in ideology between the original Hydro Archon and the new God of Justice, the Lochfolk refuse to obey the God of Justice and go on self-imposed exiles from Fontaine.[5]

Recent Past (<100 years ago)


Editor's Assumptions

  1. The Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual World Quest series reveals that Kameras existed 500 years ago, and the Memento Lens was built for such a device. However, that technology was lost over time. It is unclear whether Fontaine's Kamera was built using restored ancient technology or if it was created independently.


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